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Find people that you can stick with. Families do what they think is best. Believe it or not both ways have advantages and disadvantages, so there is no right or wrong way. A non Dyspraxic friend of mine went to Odessa in the Ukraine to meet some girl but found it to be an agency and she took two steps back away from him!

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I have some good female friends and they seem to value me not making passes at them If only I knew how to and more importantly had the confidence - Equally do respect any clear boundaries they lay down. Relationships are tricky at the best of times for anyone.

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Not sure what I do wrong, too eager not confident come across badly or women just aren't that attracted to me and if they are, I ruin it by blundering. Hopefully I can avoid the usual crash and burn experience I seem to be master of.

Be careful it's unlikely to be as amusing as Dudley and Ting Tong off little Britain. Even after my diagnoses, this continued.

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All the best hope some of this helps seems all to often a lot of effort for little reward but you shouldn't think about it like that as you'll most likely burn Dyspraxia dating that way! Consequently, I grew up hating teachers and schools.

10. When They Have Food, It WILL Get On Them

So with this in mind students and pupils can grow up isolated and judged. Every family is different and have a different approach. If they wish to judge you on a fact you cannot control or change then what type of person are they? The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

Even love has been corrupted through media, which makes a great film but not as an outlook on the way of life.

9. They Will Be Scruffy (And Won't Be Able To See What's Wrong)

If you have any concerns regarding family, peers, teachers, employers, relationships, etc then I suggest contacting the Dyspraxia Foundation who can help with your questions. Disclosing Dyspraxia with your peers, family and friends is important for them to understand you.

Now we throw in the Dyspraxia: I need to email the nice lady who was on a self esteem course with me the other day to see if my instincts were right as she seemed to be flirting a bit. Now combine the Dyspraxia dating. I will say it is better to be out of a relationship and single than in a wrong or a destructive one.