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All About Durban

The new club house and surf ski racks were opened in November The clubhouse which acts as a meeting place also has a coffee shop and houses much of the club memorabilia and honours boards.

Durban formerly known as Port Natal - A natural port that has grown into one of South Africa's best-known and most popular coastal resorts and commercial ports.

The name was changed in Durban indian dating sites included are images of the Greyville Turf Club and some of the buidings in its surrounds like the Kendra Hall. There is a memorial for the Isipingo Concentration Camp victims on the same burial site.

Gandhi's house Sarvodyathe printing press building and the Museum and Interpretative centre are featured here. The credit for the design has always been given to the East London harbor engineer, Eric Merrifields, but the design was in fact that of draughtsman Aubrey Kruger, working in his office.

Over the years it has provided an essential service to the bathing community and has been credited with saving many bathers.

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This album also has landscape images over the area and towards the Ridge Road skyline to the east Durban indian dating sites Cato Manor. The airport at The manufacturing sector, which is second only to government in the number of jobs provided, has been shedding jobs as firms' restructure and become more capital intensive.

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In order to absorb the sea energy, several methods were used, but the use of 20 ton Dolosse was extensively used. A small British force of two officers and men defended themselves bravely against the repeated attacks of some 4, Zulus.

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The Durban City Council awarded the school their Conservation Award in to recognise the school's conservation efforts relating to the buildings. It was named after Mrs Judith van Tonder who Type of site: During the Inanda Riots most of the settlement was destroyed, but then reconstructed.

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Reunion to the north of Isipingo is a trading zone serving mainly Umlazi. Durban started as a small British settlement, but grew around its sugar cane plantations. The Group Areas Act was implemented in the 's and there was a dispute over who had rights to brew beer, which resulted in further riots in June Fierce conflict with the Zulu population led to the evacuation of Durban, and eventually the Afrikaners accepted British annexation in under military pressure.

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It is looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It is named after a German settler Jonas Bergthiel who brought out the original settlers to New Germany.

In the Rev. Sadly this recent heritage site is already neglected with trees growing out of the structure.

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Sadly the cemetery is not looked after and some of the graves appear to have been raided. Although these barriers have been scrapped these areas remain predominantly Indian.

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Whaling peaked in with the Company catch of whales and the company employed personnel but the record overall catch by Whalers peaked in with a total catch of whales within miles of Durban. This itinerary is immensely popular. Dress code is smart casual, and on cruises longer than three days dress for a formal night for every week of sailing.

No 15 Squadron but there are now plans to redevelop this old airport into a dug out port. These buildings can be visited by appointment.

Courthouse, Police Station Current use: As a consequence of the Group Areas Act, which classified all areas of the country and city according to race, formerly multi-racial suburbs were either purged of unlawful residents or destroyed.