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It is looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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A small British force of two officers and men defended themselves bravely against the repeated attacks of some 4, Zulus. Merebank West is also residential surrounded by industry but featuring temples and mosques. The British established a sugar cane industry in the s.

After the riots much of the area was settled by black inhabitants and as 2ne1 dating rumors as people were living in the area.

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Today, all that remains are the decaying structures about 2 kilometres south of the harbour entrance, but these remaining buildings in this album still give some idea of the magnitude of the former operations.

The original owner of the house was Thomas Milner who built it in and used it as a week end retreat. Durban's economic contribution to the region The Durban Metropolitan Area is the main economic driver in KwaZulu-Natal, contributing over half of the province's output, employment and income.

The other feature of this album is the Audacia Manor lodge across the road from St James.


Captain Tony Pearse - "African Keyport" - The new club house and surf ski racks were opened in November The clubhouse which acts as a meeting place also has a coffee shop and houses much of the club memorabilia and honours boards.

There are also images of some pages from the Cemetery register which give one some idea of the causes of death. Durban's mild climate, warm marine current and culturally diverse population has also provided a drawcard for tourism to the region.

They apparently used to pass Durban dating sites by to the house and occasionally attempted to remove the veranda posts.

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It is expected that future growth will occur in the trading sector. The settlement was always at the forefront for the struggle for justice, peace and equality.

Durban is one of the most popular South African destinations for international tourists. There has, however, been little growth in the number of jobs provided by DMA's formal sector over the past 20 years. Here the Battle of Rorke's Drift was fought during the afternoon and night of 22 January Main section of the police station building original Type of site: Eventually by the area had been cleared of people, and remained this way until the early 's when it started to be resettled again.

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The museum features memorabilia, information displays and rooms and equipment dating back to this era. The Group Areas Act was implemented in the 's and there was a dispute over who had rights to brew beer, which resulted in further riots in June This Mansion was built by the Chapman family in but is now an upmarket boutique hotel.

Dolosse are a South African invention. Reunion to the north of Isipingo is a trading zone serving mainly Umlazi. It had a few homes in the CBD but eventually moved onto the Berea in There are also views of Tiger Rock pools and Ocean Terrace views.

Many of these old homes are being demolished and redeveloped or converted into commercial establishments. There is a memorial for the Isipingo Concentration Camp victims on the same burial site.

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Durban formerly known as Port Natal - A natural port that has grown into one of South Africa's best-known and most popular coastal resorts and commercial ports. The city developed its tourism facilities, particularly during the s which saw a skyscraper construction boom along the beach front.

Terrorism and necklacing continued throughout the province in the s as both parties competed for dominance. Also included are images of the derelict Congella Sports Club.

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This album features images of the grounds, facilities, museum memorabilia, historical items and the honours boards relating to former pupils and staff.

The whaling of the Blue, Southern Right and Humpback wales continued until when whaling was banned due to the depletion of the resource.

Durban Demographics Geographical distribution of home languages in Durban. Also included are some of the older residences and shops strung along the road.