Not so happily ever after as Indian divorce rate doubles - BBC News Not so happily ever after as Indian divorce rate doubles - BBC News

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Right after the court, I would head to a shopping mall.

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A divorced woman with a child has to bear additional responsibilities and play multiple roles. I shall ignore such peddlers of the perfect match as I feel marriages are no longer made in heaven. Usually, first preference is given to the same caste.

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The divorce case might drag on for years leading to emotional and physical exhaustion. If the daughter remains unmarried, she is considered a spinster, who brings shame upon her family, and she is considered a burden.

Here are 10 things that every person heading for a divorce should consider 1.

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This makes the child, who is scared, rebellious, angry and probably depressed, act out his emotions. This has a higher evaluation criteria in case of boys.

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Remember men, adultery causes a major blow to any relationship. Women in India have already started to exercise choice before marriage as their economic and educational background is improving.

In three months, he decided to end the marriage and be on his own. We are very simple people who believe in the closeness of family,and meeting the basic necessities in life with no high expectations.

Intercaste marriages that head for a divorce also face significant complications for men as well as women. Same-religion marriages are the norm in arranged marriages among higher caste people. As a scout and negotiator, a family sends the nayan into the community to seek possible matches.

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In most situations, men get off with a slap on the wrist while the women are publicly shamed. The ceremony itself consists of a sub ceremony: Joint insurance plans, health insurance schemes cannot be owned jointly anymore and the estranged couple has to dissolve all such plans.

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For instance, in many parts of North India and Pakistan, the local barber or nai was a frequent go-between. Indian men and divorce — Culprits or Victims?

Divorce involves long and tiresome paperwork involved. The recent changes in the divorce laws include the introduction of the Marriage Laws Act as well as the Amendment Bill that seeks to make the much-needed changes in the Hindu Marriage Act.

If the two families agree, they shake hands and set a date for the wedding McDonald. A legal separation is almost like a divorce as property and asset division happens. A woman, who goes through such a difficult phase in her life, turns out to be stronger and more independent.

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Partners are questioned about the logic or validity of the divorce by friends, family, and colleagues. This could be in crores.

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A divorced woman effectively becomes a social pariah, and she is not welcome by her own friends and family members. When her husband decided to leave and live in with his mistress, she did have the means to survive.

These items are usually returnable if the match does not proceed: If no such person exists, the sponsor begins the process of identifying suitable candidates. Remember, communication is the key to having a fulfilling relationship with your step children.

She is divorced having one boy studying in Bangalore for Nursing.

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More and more women like to work and have a career that they can be proud of, just like you. I've struggled with the D word for a long time.