Divine Intervention/Intuitional Awakening and Ascension Coaching Divine Intervention/Intuitional Awakening and Ascension Coaching

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You get the idea You will see how to use specific dimensions and frequencies to take this form of healing to a very powerful level. By taking this remarkable journey into the shamanic mysteries of multi-dimensional healing, you will receive in depth study and powerful initiations to exponentially raise your vibration.

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Clean up the things that make it hard for you to hear God in your life. For me, it means repeating scripture or hymns when negative thoughts choke me, and it works.

A place of stillness in the middle of storms.

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Give him time to work out all the parts, and he will come through for you. Her death has left me really pondering this life and the next, how the two are intertwined, and the plans God has for each of us.

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Talk out loud to God and dump it out God is orchestrating a symphony, not a solo, in which you are a beloved instrument. If you feel your prayer needs some extra voltage, then fast. It can be life changing.

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She earned her spot in heaven, mind you, living 91 years of a full and inspirational life. We all have those times, and life was designed to push you to your limits and cause you to grow, but it isn't always easy.

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Skip a meal or two or 3 and go somewhere where you can talk to God alone, Divine intervention dating loud. This is what prayer does, this is what fasting does.

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There will be times in your life where you need the hand of God to move you forward. I am what most people would call a 'religious' person, but that is only because I adore my religion as it teaches me how to get closer to God. I hope they help someone out there. Another person enters the situation, your life, or the life of another, and does what you are unable to do.


You will be able to blend your healing wisdom with the power of the Divine as you enhance your current skills and gain a whole new set of tools for the Divine to use in your work. Push your physical a bit so you can rely on your spiritual self.

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Especially when you do it right. Maybe due to miracles I have seen.

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