Antique Ford Tractor - Fordson Major Diesel - Antique Ford Tractor - Fordson Major Diesel -

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The plug measures approximately 2" in diameter. Don't have the coin currently to take mine in but Alpha male online dating could fix what ever it might be.

I have just bought a fordson major diesel, but it has never been registered for the road, what do i do? I need an oil pump. Ive bought my Fordson New Major now, what happened to the tractor in the picture. The speed has to be derived externally by counting the number of pulses in a time period.

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It's in great shape. Tachometer signals can be used to synchronize several tape machines together, but only if in addition to the tach signal, a directional signal is transmitted, to tell slave machines in which direction the master is moving. I have also equipped the tractor with power steering.

It was my grandfather's who has passed on now but he used it in the woods with a winch evry day for about 30 years and it still works great!!!

I own a '64 Ford Super Major. The red zone is superfluous on most modern[ specify ] cars, since their engines typically have a revolution limiter which electronically limits engine speed to prevent damage. It's nice to have something a little out-of-the-ordinary in a region of 'Deeres and Farmalls.

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I'm only 15 but hope to someday find another 4wd major. Is there anybody out there with a Fordson Major Diesel equipped with the Sherman loader and power digger [backhoe]like the one I've got?

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This was our middle tractor I believe the wheels were cast iron and painted orange. It starts right up, no smoke or missing.

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I am in search of a good used front end loader for my father's Fordson Major! I need a pto housing for a Super Major, can anyone help me?

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This is one reason why there is often a time delay between the train stopping, as perceived by a passenger, and the doors being released. I still keep the extra heavy duty weights bolted to the rear weehls and some documents,how to act when the disel-engine in some fatal accidents should run backwards.

Many years ago my grandfather bought a 3 cylinder Diesel english made Ford. I would like to know how to idintify the exact year. Had the 'no start' this morning again.

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I've got a Fordson Major diesel with a Sherman backhoe-loader. To my knowledge the motor has never been done. I purchased my fordson major diesel last spring Starter is Lucas and on left.