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It's probably a coincidence, considering Miranda first appeared in and River's real name wasn't revealed until Fandom at one point had a dark running gag about how anyone Olivia gave her card to was doomed.

Right for the Wrong Reasons: To her son, Noah. A couple of scenes later, the Twin Towers can clearly be seen in the background while Munch talks to his government contact. Whenever Benson screws up and an innocent person is hurt, she starts to feel guilty, which immediately results in everyone rushing to reassure her about what a great cop she is.

The episode aired in Januaryand in August of that same year, Michael Brown's shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, saw all of these events happen Good dating sims for ipad real.

Lindsay states not wait so long. Possibly the finest example out of all the characters.

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She says they are not talking to a 14 year old prostitute, she is someone who wants to be a teacher. He explains that for Lindsay, this is personal, one of the vics in the photos is her half brother. Die for Our Ship: Benson makes the introductions.

Benson explains that will not happen; they have him on narcotics possession. Amanda Rollins Played By: Aaron played Scott's son. In "Dominance", Jason Ritter playing one half of a pair of twins who's in an incestuous relationship seems uncomfortably amusing now that he's a character who's popularly paired with his twin sister.

InElliot Rodger went on a killing spree in Isla Vistaafter recording a manifesto that, among other things, included a rant about his outrage that no woman would have sex with him. There are different ones depending on what side of the fandom one is on.

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Rollins walks up and says they have a problem. She realizes he has been talking to one boy, Henry, and George said he ran away a week ago. Also, like Benson, graduates to Action Mom in the 17th season. She's also broken plenty of departmental rules and outright broken the law on several occasions see Karma Houdini below.

I Need a Freaking Drink: The innocent man's lawyer reassured her that she was a good cop. She even provides the page image.

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Lindsay says Teddy is the victim, and Benson asks if Lindsay wants Teddy to run back to the piers. The show gets a good deal of exposition of it. Andrew Llewellyn and the cop guarding him were both just shot to death 20 minutes ago.

She was a rape victim Lampshaded when he replaces Jeffries. This marked the first time Waterston appeared in the SVU squad room. All the innocent men she sent to prison for rapes they didn't commit, and by extension all the rapists who continued raping with impunity because someone else was in prison for their crimes, all the beaten suspects, all the ruined reputations, she's probably accumulated more victims than anyone she's ever arrested.

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That time he took a page out of UnStabler's book and threatened to gouge an uncooperative suspect's eyes out with a spoon. Meanwhile, Rollins confirms to Teddy that George is there but they still need his help.

They explain what is coming up for Henry and confront him with information that indicates George came into some cash, and Benson threatens to leave George with Voight while she gets some coffee so George can explain it to Voight. It was the first win of her career, after being nominated 5 times prior.

Lester Davis did it, he is awaiting trial on armed robbery. I wish those two would just get a room already. The next week had a couple use a fake kidnapping to cover up the accidental death of their baby, which seemed to have inspired an actual case of fake kidnapping cover-up.