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The animation was lazy, the movies has no grasp in terms of actual quality animation, not only a lot of the backgrounds are repeated with no really variation into the environment making look cheap, but a lot movement of the characters, their modeling and their design was kept in a minimal and simplistic level and it's visually poor and awful looking, and also easy to make.

Gru's change of attitude is even more dramatic while sudden turn-overs keep the suspense up and running. You are right, Cabesa De Huevo! I'm never going to see her again. When reading it, she suddenly sees Gru] Lucy: The prologue takes place a few months I think Silas Ramsbottom says exactly how many, but I can't remember before the film's main events.

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It was so funny I didn't realize I was still laughing Despicable me 2 dating scene the scene in question was already over. I'd like to make some toast. Don't forget about the son. Turns out you were right about the whole El Macho thing, huh?

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After putting out the fire, the Minion makes his Siren noises at Gru until he leaves angrily with the megaphone. So, I need to ask you a question. Look at this crazy little world we live in, eh?

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And here's the best part, I got an army of them! Get your mitts off of me! Its awesome sequel in every way. This place is awesome! This assignment will prove to be quite a challenge for him as his new partner Lucy isn't the ordinary kind of girl anyone might expect.

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You two are close, no? It's like she's Dating a scientist meme shot with a mild moose tranquilizer. A Cinco de Mayo party May 5giving us a date and day of the week.

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You are El Macho! This— so this is your new job opportunity?

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Wait a minute, wait a minute. Yes, but there has been a new development and I'm telling you: The way it introduces its story and the way the minions are used for comedy is really impressing. We need to revisit the number of vacation days you guys get. I am not so convinced that he is in.

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Not soon after, the Minions fire their jelly guns in the air, while one of them stands on El Macho, and takes a picture of Dr. They hardly know each other!