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The road heads into business areas and reaches an intersection with PA in the community of Newtown Square. Inregular trolley service between Philadelphia and West Chester ended as plans were made to widen PA 3.

After passing to the south of a shopping center, the route crosses Crum Creek into Newtown Township and heads south of the Delaware County Veterans Memorial, running past a mix of fields and development. The trolley line followed the south side of the turnpike. At this point, both directions of the route come together and head east along four-lane divided West Chester Pike, passing through residential areas.

The route passes several multistory commercial buildings as it runs through the northern part of the Drexel University campus.

Following the construction of 69th Street Terminal in Upper Darby inthe route of the West Chester Pike saw increasing suburban development.

The trolley line was extended west to West Chester in However, the Great Depression put these plans on hold and Broad Street Station and the "Chinese Wall" would continue to be used until The road continues east with some homes and businesses, crossing Providence Road.

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Route ran on West Chester Pike for a length, then diverged north to Ardmore. The eastbound direction passes to the south of the station as a four-lane undivided street.

PA 3 curves east at the Boot Road intersection and passes between a business campus to the north and a residential neighborhood to the south. The turnpike became a plank road between and The turnpike was to have five toll houses along its length. PA 3 enters Westtown Township and reaches an intersection with PAforming a short concurrency before PA splits Delaware county speed dating the southeast.

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Steam dummies were first used San mateo dating sites electric trolley cars were introduced a year later. PA 3 follows Chestnut and Walnut street east through residential areas of West Philadelphiapassing several blocks of rowhomes with some businesses.

At the 20th Street intersection, both directions of PA 3 become one-way streets, with Market Street carrying four lanes of eastbound traffic and John F.

The route becomes undivided again and passes more businesses, forming the border between the borough of Millbourne to the north and Upper Darby Township to the south.

Farther east, the route reaches the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia, where Walnut Street runs along the edge of the University of Pennsylvania campus.

With the opening of the Suburban Station, the Pennsylvania Railroad planned to close Broad Street Station and demolish the "Chinese Wall", replacing it with a wide street called Pennsylvania Boulevard that would contain several office buildings.

The road crosses State Road and heads into more urban areas of residential and commercial development. Following the PA junction, the route continues east through a mix of suburban residential and commercial areas. Farther east, the route heads into the community of Llanerchwhere it crosses Darby Road a short distance before coming to an intersection with US 1.

Past this, PA 3 heads east on four-lane undivided Market Street as it passes between the 69th Street Transportation Center to the north and urban businesses to the south, gaining a median before the 69th Street intersection.

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The westbound direction bends north around the station, running along a one-way street with two lanes of traffic that heads north and crosses under the SEPTA tracks before turning west. Eastbound PA 3 continues east on one-way Chestnut Street.

Trolley service during peak periods continued until The road curves east-southeast at the Strasburg Road intersection and crosses into East Goshen Townshipwhere it continues past suburban neighborhoods and commercial establishments.

Walnut Street passes to the north of William L.

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From here, the route heads northeast on the one-way pair of East Market Street eastbound and East Chestnut Street westbound. The entire turnpike between Philadelphia and Newtown Square became a stone road by Delaware county speed dating route continues near suburban neighborhoods with some businesses before it comes to an interchange with I Kennedy Boulevard Bridge westbound.

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Chestnut Street carries three lanes of one-way eastbound traffic while Walnut Street carries two lanes of one-way westbound traffic. The one-way streets carry two lanes in each direction as they pass downtown businesses.

The route follows four-lane undivided Cobbs Creek Parkway between woods along the creek to the west and urban development to the east before it splits east onto a one-way pair. Kennedy Boulevard carrying four lanes of westbound traffic as it heads into the Penn Center business district.

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