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The coffin shortage continues.

Washington DC Has Bottomed Out

Red Cross has no more face masks available right now, and people are asked to make their own. Commissioner Brownlow asks government offices and businesses to provide a census of employees, with the goal of recruiting nurses and aids for the new emergency hospital.

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The Court of Appeals and Juvenile Court close. October 26, cases of influenza are reported today. All officers, enlisted men, and employees on duty at the War Department may now receive anti-pneumonia vaccine from the Army Medical School. To reduce congestion in streetcars, Judge Edwin B.

The girls seemed open to getting approached, probably because guys are doing it less than before. The cases are so mild, though, that Health Officer Fowler believes they may not actually be influenza.

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Red Cross enrolls 50 trained nurses and over volunteers to help at the four zone relief stations. George Washington University and Georgetown University are now closed.

Commissioner Brownlow is ill with possible influenza.

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Mustard believes that in a few days the situation will be able to be handled by local physicians. Once those foreign women hit a bottom, which will take more years, they may not be that much better than American women.

It may even be worth going out at 9pm when girls are wrapping up their foodie dinners. Red Cross urges people to make face masks at home. December 20, Despite an improvement in conditions, plans for a temporary influenza hospital are moving forward.

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Violators of the staggered store hours will be reported to the police department. Health Officer Fowler is investigating complaints that streetcars are not properly ventilated.

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October 29, Churches that hold mid-week services may reopen on Thursday, October October 6, Churches hold outdoor services today.

The need for trained nurses remains urgent.

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All private schools are asked to close, but boarding schools may remain open. Mustard will close soda fountains and restaurants that do not sterilize dishes or use paper cups. The emergency hospital on 18th St.

October 4, Dr. December 7, 72 cases of influenza are reported today. Many girls had long hair and Philippines dating agency select few had a rather sexy look.

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Twenty-five portable hospitals have been established in the City. December 16, cases of influenza are reported today. Government departments continue to follow staggered hours.

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Community centers throughout the city are closing their doors to social activities. December 10, Health Officer Fowler and Superintendent of Schools Thurston meet to discuss a possible school closure order.

Health Officer Fowler prepares to hang risk communication posters in streetcars.

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Large numbers of students are absent, but whether they are ill or kept home out of fear is impossible to tell. A convalescent ward is established for discharged patients with nowhere to go. The public library will reopen on Monday, Dc dating washington post 4.

Starting Monday September 30 schools are ordered to send home any students with colds. Commissioner Brownlow orders closed churches and places of public amusement.