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Die-hard fans might miss the era of classic kick-ass Hong Kong action films, but Spy manages to fill that void as an entertaining alternative that kids and parents alike will enjoy. However, both tropes become subverted when she is slowly revealed to exhibit nearly every symptom of a textbook case of Borderline Personality Disorder, including extreme self-esteem issues, self-harm, skewed social perspective, and an unhealthy suicidally so obsession with Satou.

He created a webtoon with his drawing partner Oh Dong-hoon, titled "Flower Boy Next Door", based on Dok-mi's life as well as his desire to draw her out into the world. Later, when Vyse establishes their new HQ on Crescent Isle, her flat is directly across from his, on the villa's second floor.

Instead of being another macho-brute Super SoldierCaptain America is an sweet-tempered, adorable, well-mannered and kind-hearted Boy Next Door. Which is why she physically resembles a year old girl, despite possibly being much older.

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As the Distaff Counterpart to the main character Tadakuniyou might expect her as this for Toshiyuki Karasawa. So, I Can't Play H! She's described as being pretty, but not much more, and aside from occasional bouts of angst is fairly level-headed.

Meanwhile, Jin-rak is threatened by Enrique's sudden intrusion into Dok-mi's life. Literature Older Than Radio: The same can be said of Yuna and her cousin, Rikku, who're presented as a pair of fun loving teens.

Monica Geller from Friends is a bossier and sexier version than most, but is down to earth, maternal, and The Heart of the group.

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And, while she's undeniably attractive, she feels plain compared to other girls; especially if it's Lisara. Rebecca "Becky" Thatcher from Tom Sawyer. For the film, see The Girl Next Door.

Kim Yoon-hye as Yoon Seo-young, Enrique's best friend and first love.

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Also Andy and Josh have a very easy time becoming boyfriend and girlfriend because they're each like a typical teenage boy. An Average Dating your next door neighbor, if you will. Main[ edit ] Park Shin-hye as Go Dok-mi.

PG for sequences of action violence and some mild rude humor Genre: Beth Murphy wants a good man and a husband. Only debatable thing is that when she was living in Black Mesa, she was only a baby.