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Klik usually keeps on the top of his head, however.

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He also perfectly fits the description for a "glasses-kun". These zinc-based batteries would eliminate some of Dating with google glasses bulk typically associated with lithium-ion batteries, which require protective layers because they are sensitive to oxygen.

The dedicated recording unit provides a more reliable solution than using third-party devices or depending on other data-processing and storage technology connected via Bluetooth. In addition, she not only serves as the brain of Takashi's group, she's usually the one to provide exposition as well.


One of the twins says "Illness starts in the mind and studying starts with glasses". The Tobii Pro Glasses Controller software included with Pro Glasses 2 has a wireless live view function that provides full control over your study and allows for real-time observation, as well as logging behavior and events.

In Axis Powers HetaliaAmerica's glasses are a hint that he isn't as stupid as he seems. Wearable and mobile eye tracking system opens up entirely new opportunities for behavioral studies.

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In addition, some sort of power harvesting could replenish the batteries throughout the day. Even some of the early adopters are getting weary of the device. Supertrope to Nerd Glasses. Ads for the mental-exercise website Lumosity show people giving testimonials while various background and foreground animations appear.

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Kyoya is the one that keeps the club afloat and one of the highest ranking students in the school. The Real-World Mapping tool integrated into Pro Lab intelligently aggregates and maps data from eye tracking videos to snapshots, so you can immediately start visualizing the quantified data or begin extracting statistics.

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The glasses wearing Eddie from Yo-kai Watch is the smartest and most tech savvy major character in the anime. Invoked in a chapter of Squid Girlwhere the titular protagonist becomes convinced that wearing glasses automatically makes one smarter, so she starts wearing a pair of Purely Aesthetic Glasses.


She initially wore glasses in the series until Tamaki insisted on replacing them with contact lenses. He takes after his father, Ryuuken, who also wears glasses and ends up being revealed to be so intelligent he can keep up with Urahara.

Invoked in the sequel, with Ginshi Shirazu borrowing Sasaki's glasses in order to try to look more intelligent. For deeper insights, you can export your gaze data into the Tobii Pro Lab Analyzer edition, software that enables you to analyze large volumes of data in a very cost-efficient and time-effective way.

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Played with in Detective Conan. Lumiode eschews the filters. It doesn't work that way, but it does make her look cuter than usual. Food and Drug Administration in Those kinds of applications are always cited by wearable-computing die-hards like Thad Starnera Georgia Tech professor and Glass technical lead who has been making and wearing these kinds of gadgets since It might have succeeded while looking weird if it let you do amazing things the forthcoming Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset looks goofy, but people will eagerly put it on.

Black Cat mugs a female scientist for her Dating with google glassesand states that none of the other researchers will suspect her as an impostor since she's wearing a pair of glasses. Ouran High School Host Club: And far more intriguing possibilities remain. Pro Glasses 2 is equipped with two cameras for each eye Esl speed dating lesson plan use Tobii's unique 3D eye model.

Lampshaded in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Learn what physiological responses are triggered by visual stimuli and how they are related to gaze behavior by combining eye tracking data from Pro Glasses 2 with a broad spectrum of devices, including EEG, NIRS, GSR, motion detection, respiration rate, and heart rate.