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No, that's Optimus Prime!

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The Matrix itself has an archive of 11 million traditional Cybertronian songs. However, the film does make a point of showing—through the humans' reaction to seeing Optimus transform to various posters in Chicago—that the general public is afraid of the Cybertronians.

It required Megatron and Skywarpdestroying 5 airline jets filled with jet fuel at once, with them at " ground zero " to do it though. Whereas heroic if weird Agent Simmons was initially distrusting of the Autobots but eventually warms up to them and was a member of Sector Seven, a subdivision of the FBI, Harold Attinger is a CIA agent, and utterly ruthless in his pursuit of getting rid of any and all aliens.

Voiced by Michael Bell. However, one unique method of interacting with other races is binary bondinga process where an organic lifeform will enter into a symbiotic relationship with a Transformer.

The other sets in the series were Sludge, who transformers into a Dimetrodon ; and Snarl, Triceradonand Slapperwho transforms into an Ankylosaurus. The same Optimus who can fight three top-tier Decepticons at once and come out ahead. Assuming the suffixes started with and went tothere would be around of these floating around.

Furthermore, there are even fans of the newer series who reject the original series or, in some cases, at least its vocal fans.

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Bulkhead winds up with a museum show in one episode, although his "masterpiece" was an accident. It doesn't end well.

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The viewers are encouraged to see the predjudice that has arisen in Cybertronian society but can also see that Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters. In the IDW continuity, the planet is ruled by a Senatewith each city-state having a subordinate council with lesser powers; the current Prime was subordinate to the Senate and only ran the security forces.

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The law still applies to their relationship they started dating before Shane came of age, and it's implied they never stoppedjust not in the film's here and now.

And now for an important update!

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You can't carbon date something and find that it's 65 million years old. By the time of the "Age Dating transformers Wrath", they acted as Grimlock's bodyguards, and did not yet have the absolute Dating transformers that the Dinobots would later be known for.

Oddly, after all other occurrences were returned to their respective times by the Part 2's [14] conclusion, this island remained.

The show lasted three seasons and although somewhat cut short on production plans they were hoping for a fourth season the last episode was written to serve as a respectable Grand Finaleconcluding the overall Myth Arc.

The half-life of carbon is only years. The earliest version had 12 coupling caps.

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He is later the official driver for the group. Played straight with the Japanese opening. In this episode, entitled "Thief in the Night" [15] where it is discovered that other Transformers were said to have "Dinosaur Transform Static" similar to the Dinobots.

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Both of them are bodies of old Transformers well, the former would have to be! The Decepticons often make overt attacks on native species, but there are occasions when stealth has been a priority. Collector of the Strange:

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