A first date with a man over 50 and a big reality check A first date with a man over 50 and a big reality check

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InHuffington Post interviewed a centenarian named Ruth. I go for tightest jeans, big baggy sweater, Dubarry boots and a Barbour.

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When I go into Topshop, they are used to seeing me now and just accept that I am buying their clothes. Am I kidding myself about how young I look?

I still put in 18 hours seven days a week and love every minute of it. Jean says that teenagers love her look, although other pensioners can be scared to try trendy clothes High street: They say laughter is the best medicine there is.

But make the date low key and lower your expectations. So I look round the car park for a tall, slim, handsome guy.

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A first date with a man over 50 and a big reality check: Sex is to be encouraged. When you meet most people in real life, you know something about them. He had a few untraditional pieces of medical wisdom to share.

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Widowed at 70, she filled the hole left by her husband with a job at Gap before taking herself - and her considerable styling skills - off to work at a boutique in Bath.

He's great, but this cut, recorded as Ol' Blue Eyes turned 50, makes us ache for all the sweet byroads of our lives. The year-olds wearing Doc Martens and mini-skirts: Since the age of 65, I have worked as a volunteer.

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It encourages us to make big art, not small scribbles. Jean Woods, Gillian Lynne and Bridget Sojourner show how to pose like you mean it She has no issues about wearing short skirts.

And I feel great afterward. Since the age of 92, Ruth has committed to weekly Pilates classes.

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