Pro Tip: Don’t Be a ‘Feminist Man’ : The Other McCain Pro Tip: Don’t Be a ‘Feminist Man’ : The Other McCain

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Can you call yourself 'single'?

Truly it's exhausting, giving people the benefit of the doubt. If their immediate response is offensive or misogynistic, it's a red flag.

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If you need space to calm down, pick a specific near-future time in which you will come back fully present and taking a proactive role in getting back to a good place. Abandon all your scripts and listen, truly listen, and encourage her to trust her voice, her perceptions that have been downplayed all her life - including, most likely, by you, even though you didn't mean to, even though you are a good person, even though even though.

And the code of gentlemanly behaviour does nothing to remedy this problem.

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If you're not actively learning, you're settling for the status quo, and the status quo is not ok. Do we understand each other properly?

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Notice the contradiction in those beliefs. Just name the emotion proactively as it shifts and be available and present to the changes in the other as you express your needs. If we can talk about this stuff in ways that are interesting and productive, I can work with it most of the time.

It's not serving us.


Those things all take a lot of energy and are not easy. Dating shouldn't be a race down the aisle, a reflection of your self-worth, or a measure of your success. Make amends, make it better in your actions as well as your words. If you don't have dreams and goals I'll help you find some.

The same thing may happen to you, and we will not bail on you, or make any negative assumptions.

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More than half the women you date will have some history of unwanted sexual attention, assault, or rape. And since I am mostly heterosexual and know it more Dating tips feminist man than queerness, I will focus on that type of dating here.

Playing games can appear to be the norm, and straying from them make us seem at best strange, and, at worst, psycho.

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Learn more about Cipher here. This is what we do for other human beings if we are not bastards. I'm not going to be dating you if you constantly get yourself into situations that need me to fight for you.