The Living Experiment podcast with Dallas Hartwig and Pilar Gerasimo The Living Experiment podcast with Dallas Hartwig and Pilar Gerasimo

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After much debate, we finally decide to rutabaga which turns out to be much more musical than you'd expect. Journey with us into The Way of the Healthy Deviant.

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So what keeps us from creating them? We contemplate going facebook official and would you believe there isn't a mug of coffee in sight?

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As we lament our lack of mortar and pestling skills, we wonder where Whoopie went and which Swayze is best. Who decides the smell of the beach and recommended portion sizes?

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So how can you approach this conundrum? In this episode, we cover useful vocabulary for hotel travel and look at the translation of several other travel related Spanish expressions as well.

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But we rarely talk about how they impact us right here and now. We explore the differences between paper books vs.

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We talk about the discomfort and stigma of loneliness, and the negative impacts it has on our well-being. Afterward, we talk about some of the vocabulary that is typical in Mexican households and how they differ from words typically heard in Spain.

Most of us are.

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Yes, but right now, more than 97 percent of U. Find out how scarcity-related thoughts and beliefs can impact your mental, physical and emotional health, and how to evolve them in more abundant directions.

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We share our own love of reading, and we suggest some ways to make your reading experiences serve you better. Some really riveting stuff.

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Pilar also shares her first-hand account of a seven-day! Welcome to the club. So we offer up some smart strategies for reclaiming them.

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In this episode, we challenge the notion that comparing your body to others is likely to be a positive source of motivation.