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The Harappan architecture and Harappan Civilization was one of the most developed in the old Bronze Age. I became shocked and said, nahin phlay mujay nahanay do, darwaza band karo, please, she smiled and said, tu kabb bara hoo ga, main tujay jawan kardoon gi, chootay.

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We have our live web radio named GupShup Corner live Web radio. During the siege of the city's citadel, Alexander leaped into the inner area of the citadel, [18] where he killed the Mallians' leader. The Chalcolithic age lasted from B. Hindu History during Pre-Mauryan period: Lakin main nay soocha kai pisshab hay, lakin yah tu kuch aur he hay, Zonia said this is what every women want, yah tumhari jawani hay, abb kabhi bhi bahir nahin nikallna.

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Tourism has grown in importance in the region, with visitors being drawn to the many historic and religious sites located within and near the city. Periods 4 and 5 are not dated at Harappa. It is interesting to note that both Lord Mahavir and Gautam Buddha were warriors.

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The University of Allahabad has a number of affiliated colleges, and there is an aviation training centre.

The excavators of the site have proposed the following chronology of Harappa's occupation: Mujay issa lag raha tha kay mara lund kissi garrm garrm geelay surakh main hay aur wohh surakh baarr baarr maray lund ko dabba raha hay, aur Zonia holay holay hill rahai thi, uski aankeen band theen aur bari ajeeb ajeeb si awazeen nikal rahi thi.

The Mausoleum of Shah Ali Akbar dating from the s was built in the regional style that is typical of Multan's shrines.

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The average annual precipitations millimetres 7. The Kanva dynasty came to an end after 45 years when Satavahanas defeated the last Kanva king but Satavahanas did not establish their rule in the north. Some of the most popular chatting rooms are presented by way of leading internet organizations together with Yahoo and the USA online.

They were contemporaries of Gupta dynasty and they played a significant role in strengthening Hinduism in South India.

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Social networking websites additionally allow their customers to enroll in chat rooms. Tujay kia, main Rambo banno ga, I said. He came closer to Buddhism and accepted Buddhism. He conquered the big kingdom of Anga.