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Few of the women have seen beaches outside of Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta, which are usually grey, brown, dirty, and ugly from untreated industrial waste and sewage discharge. Damn right you should be cautious!

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Gifts should be at a minimum birthdays, Valentines, Christmas or purely sentimental. Your translator can clarify the true significance of what is being said. Your time is spent enjoying not worrying.

1. International Single Girls

This means that you can usually seek help for problems related to domestic violence while maintaining your legal right to remain in the country.

Be alert and use common sense when communicating with other members.

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It is not unusual for Americans with limited impressions of Colombia to be enamored with Colombia, extolling attributes to the country based on very limited experience.

Whatever the divorce rate happens to be, it has no bearing on your ability as an individual to make the right choice. While dating Take your time to get to know the person.

The fact that you understand your future bride may not be in your hometown distinguishes you from the majority of your fellow men.


Money in the beginning of a relationship prior to marriage is destructive to the natural and mutual bonding of a couple. Not Telling Her No It is very important that you say no to occasional requests that are not necessary for your girlfriend and see how she reacts.

Now when I ask women, why do you think some men do this? Their excessive patriotism and proudness rarely has anything to do with actual achievement; they defend out of pride not facts.

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Understanding what constitutes the majority of Colombian women will give you a greater appreciation for the Colombian gem you ultimately find. Even for the most inconsequential matters they lie or conceal their real thoughts and intentions.

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Almost all Colombians will tell you their politicians are corrupt. A sheltered vacation with International Introductions does not show you the realities of Colombia.

He keeps hope, because for at least a very short period of time he had the company of a young woman, which to him means it can happen again.

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Some women will directly ask for money, be it for school, family, medical emergencies, medicine, lost property due to robbery, etc. The emphases should be on the woman learning your culture, language, and traditions.

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