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The worst is what commences after a minute of silence in the room upstairs. It is said that if you turn your back on the sword you'll die a horrible death later that year.

Brooksville - The Brooksville Heritage Museum - People have seen and heard things unexplained things in that mansion that is now a museum. This is reportedly Sunshine Gibson, one of the Gibson sisters that owned the hotel in the 's.

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The ghosts like to play jokes. Pets, including horses,are welcome here. Oldsmar - Suncoast allstar gym - In the year of employees heard sounds of gym equipment being used. Also, footsteps in the puddles of water, strange screeching noises, screams, and moans of agony, a very strange odor of a female's perfume, and temperature changes.

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He appears mostly in Girlfriend looking at dating sites. One of the toilets will flush during the night. The legend behind the haunting is the horseman was beheaded beneath the tree by Spaniards, some say for stealing the horse.

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He realised that the chances of an initially, at least successful tooth transplant would be improved if the donor tooth was as fresh as possible and was matched for size with the recipient. The occurrences became worse and many custodians would not work the night shift.

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Spirits have been seen walking around and still living in the house after being rebuilt in the 's, over their graves. Exposures below 85 dBA are not considered to be hazardous.

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Many people have stopped thinking it is a real woman who may need help, but when you stop, all you hear is crying off in the distance, and they say that you can see her lying over a tombstone, where she is reportedly crying! Orange City - Lankford Funeral Home - third floor room is haunted by the ghost of a daughter of the people who originally built the house back inlong before it became a funeral home.

It has been around since the early 's and has been restored a few times. Some of the keys open some of the locks.

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Narcossee - stretch or road toward Cocoa Beach - Around mile marker 15 there is said to be the ghost of a teenage girl, who died in a head on car crash, on her way to the beach on prom night. Olustee - Olustee Battle Field - Orbs and figures can be seen late at night or when the re-enactment Dating sites fort myers fl orbs and figures with the actors.

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Attendees will attempt to match the locks and keys. One person actually reported a hallucination but actually saw somebody their family knew as a mentally ill person who was after their family for a long time.

New Smyrna - Beacon Theater - In the girls bathroom there have been reports of sinks coming on by themselves and the stall doors opening and closing when nobody is in the stalls. The first was an aged man with a goatee dressed is a blue coat and a fisherman's hat.

Lights go on and off Dating sites fort myers fl different offices and footsteps are heard but no ones there elevator opens and runs by its self.