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Was that a train I heard?

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Soon she will give them to her daughter. A plywood roof protects his hoarded belongings from seeping water. For a nominal fee, you get her mailing address so you can send her a letter.

Still, while the essay might have been inflated or romanticized, it was nonetheless true that the homeless begging in the streets of New York were merely the tip of the iceberg.

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As word spread of the tunnel, a growing number of graffiti artists came to paint the seemingly endless walls that flanked the train tracks. The city growls over my head — a distant growl muffled by the concrete, almost a snarl, like something cold and foul spreading over the long stretches of stained walls, like a dark and wild beast curling up around me and breathing on my neck.

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Dude, she totally wants it! Of course you know about them.

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Soon he was broke, friendless and on his own. A dark and wild beast silently trailing me. We both eat in silence. In the encampment, the dwellers had a familiar place to be, watch TV, read or smoke. Here's what we like to call a recipe for disaster: The worsening quality of the local drugs means accidents are now more frequent than ever, with overdose-related deaths in There is an old mattress on the floor, and cookware, blankets and electronics stacked on makeshift shelves.

The smell down here is the one of brake dust and mold.

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The NYPD regularly raids the place looking for people with outstanding warrants, targeting domestic abusers and failing to arrest the major dealers or car thieves roaming the area. And they have release dates to match. I can see rats scouring for food and drinking from brown puddles in the tracks ballast.

I see rats scurrying by, racing into the obscurity. Let's get the obvious out of the way here.

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The broken and the ill, the wandering, the gone. I deal with what I have. A heart attack forced him to try his luck with the public housing system in Like many of the people interviewed for this article, he did not want to give his full name.

Find yourself face to face with the pound prison- tattooed she-beast who posted the fake picture on Women Behind Bars and is now standing at your door.

Brooklyn might be the oldest resident of the Riverside Park tunnel. Radiometric dating potassium 40 day, three men asked Isaac for a toll as he came by the th Street entrance to the tunnel.

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She never sent it. Then I see the charred remains of an animal in the corner of an alcove — a raccoon maybe, a big rodent with liquefied flesh, burnt fur and missing limbs.

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An ex-girlfriend and a kid. A New York Times article by John Tierney was the earliest to outline the phenomenon, looking at people living in an abandoned train tunnel beneath Riverside Park, along the banks of the Hudson River.

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