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The "Butthurt Comments" videos have inspired joke and fake hate comments from individuals hoping to have their comments featured in upcoming videos.

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Me Too - Meghan Trainor wants everyone to be like herself. Royals — Lorde being racist, self-centered, filthy rich, and oppressively depressing. JB also gets bottles thrown at him a lot. In Octoberhe signed on with Maker Studios.

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King Bach featured as Juicy J. Jessica certainly cut a very different figure to yesterday when she arrived at an Easter party in Oxnard, California, with her family She appeared to be wearing a similar dress to that of her baby sister and also wore a pink headband to keep her hair out of her face.

Meanwhile, Big Sean is annoyed of the camera being zoomed in on his teeth!

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In October Tricom Holdings became a listed company. Hello — Adele freaking out because she's out of toilet paper and there is no service for her phone.

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King Bach featured as Big Sean. It was set up in a TV store and filmed in order to promote the new Rings movie. Dark Horse — Egyptian queen Katy Perry zapping multiple suitors with energy bolts that shoot from her breasts and transform them into objects and animals.

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Tony Horton appears as himself. In the twitter photo, the cute toddler can be seen wearing a trendy floral dress as she grins for the camera while sitting on a picnic blanket.

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Stan Lee appears as himself. Having lost out on finding love in the grocery store, Mary Olson sets her sights on a seminar to help her find her true love.

Kill 'Em With Kindness - Selena Gomez has an evil spell of killing people with kindness, until the police finds out and has Justin Bieber save the day.

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Bad Blood — Taylor Swift fights with Katy Perry partly because she stole her dancers, but mainly because she is on her period. How is it like none other? Bart plays Meghan again.

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What Do You Mean? The fierce star appeared to have won her battle with the man tapped out on the ground She wore a pair of simple flat shoes as she got the man to the ground.

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He commuted back and forth from Chicago to Los Angeles for nearly a year before finally moving to LA in September Jessica Alba jumped into the ring to wrestle a burly man for a YouTube commerical at a Los Angeles studio The Fantastic Four actress even put the muscular man in a headlock and he struggled to get free from her grip.

Joan Rivers appears as herself and King Bach plays Pharrell. As of Novemberhis 3 most-watched parodies are: The Hong Kong government, under chief executive Tung Chee Hwagave away the land to his new high-tech residential and commercial venture called Cyberport.

Yuen and Fortis Asia regional director, Inneo Lam, had exchanged telephone calls shortly before Lam ordered half a million PCCW shares that were later split into board lots and given away to his staff; [61] Lam's secretary had asked for, and received, share transfer forms from Yuen's secretary.

Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius is ashamed of the hate he got for his music video, and is offered to sell sweatshirts.

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Bart plays Iggy Azalea again. Hit or Miss - Jacob Sartorius doesn't care about anything because life is a hit or miss, Dating service commercial youtube he tries out beer.