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Sophomore Everyone here comes from upperclass families who have a lot of money.

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Sophomore The lack of diversity and the excessive cost of the school are the worst things. The office offers a number of stipends to support students taking on unpaid internships. All these events provide lots of involvement and leadership opportunities for students.

Additionally, anyone younger than 21 can get in before 11pm.

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Often, house parties are hosted by a particular organization or group of people who do the same activity on campus i. With discounts on drinks for college students every Thursday and Friday night, this is the best option for your budget. The arts district, located on Trade St.

Senior Grade deflation is really bad here. As freshmen, many believe that they are better, just because of the background from which they come.

At a small school like Wake, you will most definitely see a number of people you know at any given house party, given that Synthesis esters know at least one person there. Professors actually get to know your name, they grab coffee with you, and at times invite you to dinners with their families.

It rains a lot in Winston-Salem, but our school does not have a good drain system so it always floods. Professors are available and willing to help as long as you reach out.

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For having to spend so much money, the food and housing are both mediocre at best. The prices are very reasonable for the quality and the atmosphere is energetic and entertaining.

There are lots of on-campus events and traditions as well for students to take part of, such as lighting of the quad, Wake 'N Shake, Project Pumpkin, and Shag on the Mag. If I had to find anything wrong with my school I'd say the flodding problem we have is the worst.

Wake offers a variety of majors and minors and even has an innovation quarter downtown that houses the new engineering dept. Wake's Office of Professional and Career development is relatively helpful, although I recommend using the resume templates provided to business school students.

College is not easy, especially attending a private university.

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Across the street is Single Brothers, which offers a more relaxed intimate setting and an outdoor patio. The worst thing about the university is the sense of entitlement that some of the students believe that they have when entering as freshmen.

Teachers focus on learning, lots of it, but dont hope for a 4. Sophomore The lack of socio-economic diversity is often quite unnerving to those Dating scene at wake forest are of families from lower- income brackets, particularly those who are well aware of their family's situation.

During the busiest hours, such as 11 am pm and pm, it can be almost impossible to not only get food, but to also find a seat. Foothills Brewery on Fourth St.

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