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Circa 13cm wide and 2. In excellent unissued condition. Gilt bright and in very good condition. Failure to make the obligatory stop at station platforms was a regular occurrence in some of the heavily wooded areas.

Correct colour, die stamped, brass loops and in the right place, an original and scarce badge. Very good condition and scarce.

Removed from uniform, slightly faded from wear otherwise in good condition. The location of the semaphore on the horizon appears to be in the 'off' position allowing the movement of single line traffic bound for Bedford?

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Mine was a world of emerging affluence as the country clawed its way out of the post-war doldrums; it was an old-fashioned, moral world where authority was respected and although the rationing of sweets ended in February followed by sugar rationing in September Britain remained firmly in the grip of post-war austerity.

Somerset Light Infantry Prince Albert 's matched pair of brass shoulder titles Great condition, in brass and both with three original loops to of the reverse each. All six wartime cavalry regiments were disbanded in June Once the NPC entered service indeed some months prior to thatthe days of the Harwich operation were numbered, with or without the prospect of transfer to a future Tunnel, and irrespective of the sale of Sealink.

The book Psoriasis dating websites subtitled an insight into maintaining, operating and restoring the legendary steam locomotive - and that precisely sums it up.

Circa A4 in size and in the typical thin slightly yellowed wartime economy paper.

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An all brass economy issue appeared in John Woodman Higgins Armoury sale. Comm GrH Jackdaw Primary Source Document Series No 37 - Assassination at Sarajevo 28 June Forget the internet, jazz up your village hall display or school project with the amazing primary source material in this "secret" dossier which was aimed at secondary school children in the s.

Most land and marine boilers worked at low pressures at that time. Below Now I ask you This resulted in the death of the Carlisle freight train guard. The major investment made in the late s in this activity involved the building of a large new ship the Nord-Pas de Calais for SNCF's Armement Naval, specilically to concentrate the remaining railborne traffic on one single route the shorter one, permitting three and occasionally four round trips per 24 hours, with a single vessel.

The ex-MR Johnson Class 2F goods engine was a case in point; first introduced in with a round top firebox and 4' 11" wheels, the biggest distinguishing features of the second batch of 2Fs rebuilt in was their larger 5' 3"driving wheels and Belpaire fireboxes, both of which can be seen in this shot of No crossing the Ouse Bridge at Bedford on 10th April ; judging by the assorted wagons the engine is employed on shunting duties.

Bett ; J37 No. There is an index and a selection of illustrations, together with a bibliography. It would prove to be one of the extremest overhaul and renewal projects undertaken so far in the heritage railways sector but this was not realized at the start.

A good stiff badge with excellet sharp detail.

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The regiment merged with the 11th Hussars in However, most of the time the box was switched out and a single line token used; in these circumstances the signals were left in the off position allowing for two-way traffic, though not at the same time of course! I can only offer apologies and say in my defence that the picture I used came from an old postcard that someone marked up 'Brusselton Incline' on the reverse.

Some paper stuck to the reverse of one of the retaining slips.

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At this time the name was transferred to brand-new No. Above-Below Class 8F No gets into the picture again, this time working a sizeable mixed freight in the opposite direction. As worn in First Gulf War, - Thorburn ; North British diesel hydraulic No.

Illustrations all colour unless specfied otherwise: Swindon-built diesel multiple units in Scotland. It has very well rolled edges that are filed away correctly on the under-lap of the cannon halves; where the cannons meet they line up nicely and have no unsuitably large gaps.