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Mostly, they manufactured utilitarian knives for working men. Afterand until aboutRobeson utilized the prettiest bone handle material ever, the now famous, and above mentioned "Strawberry Bone".

However, a full page Christmas advertisement in the December 3rd,issue of The Saturday Evening Post touts, "In our twenty-five years' experience There had been a harvester manufacturing business in Perry.

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That merger took place inas well. However, strict tariffs on foreign made cutlery were passed inand again inprompting him to seek an American source.

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They remained married until Emerson Case died suddenly in Robeson produced a vast array of patterns, some made by no one else. In about orthey replaced the strawberry bone with a strawberry colored Delrin imitation bone.

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The knives were produced from to They made pressed metal goods such as chafing dishes, silent butlers, tea kettles, cuspidors, and trays.

Union organizers had convinced the employees to unionize.

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Kalcevic, relating them nicely to the historical timeline of the company. The owners decided they had no other choice, but to sell out. Emerson Case did not disappoint him.

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Robeson produced pocketknives with stainless steel. The empty factory was made available to Robeson on terms that were quite attractive.

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I've seen later Robeson advertising material stating, "Since ". Case remain to assist with the transition for a period of one year.

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Most of these knives had Strawberry Bone handles. When they showed up at work the next day, the factory was closed. During the 's, 's, and 's, Robeson was considered one of the best manufacturers of pocket cutlery in America, and one of the best in the world.

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After his move to Robeson, he was busily advancing The Robeson Cutlery Company, while she was very active in church and social work. Case spent long hours at the factory and in the offices, and made frequent trips extolling the virtues of the company and its products.