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They'll Protect You Science says ginger people have higher pain thresholds than the rest of us. Set up by IT Manager Sam Heakin the site launched less than two weeks ago - and already has overmembers, with new sign ups in the past week alone. They're Unique They're a rare and exotic breed approx.

Top Carrots was set up to cater for gingers and ginger lovers alike, founder Sam Heakin says Now though, with the launch of Top Carrots, that is all set to change.

They OWN it They always have a slightly mysterious vibe going on.

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They're Classy For some reason we can't quite pinpoint, they are automatically kinda classy. Mocked at school, made the butt of many a bad joke, and given nicknames that will stay with them for life.

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The website promises to unite redheads all over the UK, with other redheads or just those with a fetish - the 'gingers and the ginger lovers alike,' as the site says.

Their Confidence All those years of playground torture have molded them into the hardy, self-confident MEN they are now. They're Strong Minded They know what they want and go for it. The gingers dating site caters for redheads looking for redheads, or for those with another colour hair who are keen to date those with ginger locks.

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There is a lot more demand for gingers since Prince Harry became a sex icon to so many women. When a ginger guy is pissed at you, you will know about it. They'll Age Well The sun and red heads will never be friends.

Which is a big bonus in the apparent modern day "hookup" culture we live in. Alex, known among friends as 'the ginger charmer' said: So unlike other men who will grow leathery and awful, their skin will be primed for perfection well into old age.

Thomas Knights photography Thomas Knights Ginger guys have a hard time. Previously, those nutty for gingers had to hunt down hot redheads, leaving a meeting purely to chance. Their Sense of Humor Due to the fact everyone has been poking fun at them their entire lives, they know how to take a joke and have a good old laugh at themselves.

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Redhaired Alex Duckett from Manchester said he's delighted the women of Britain have finally cottoned on to the appeal of the carrot top. Their Freckles Ahhh, those freckles.

Their Straight Forwardness That fiery temper will always let you know where you stand; there are no mind games. So much so that there's been talks of whether 'gingerism' is as bad a racism.

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Yet for many men and women, fiery red hair holds an allure that bland blonde and boring brunettes just can't match.