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I could easily love "Tim" and feel worried that I could be possibly lettting another love slip out of my life.

An incarcerated Lucille gets attacked by her Asian gang mate, armed with a sharpened noodle.

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She applied for it prior to filming Jism 2. So not like the movies where everything's Made of Explodium.

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The funniest part of the dating profile scene isn't so much Charlie's answers as it is Mac and Dennis's increasingly exasperated responses to Charlie's increasingly absurd answers. For my darling son, Dennis, I give you my house, on the sole condition that Frank not be allowed in.

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When Mac and the Waitress enter, they don't notice the Charlie and Dennis conspicuously on the bed until Mac lifts the coverrevealing the two in an incredibly awkward position.

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You seem attractive and consequently I would like to explore the possibility of enhancing your life by means of exposure to my awesomeness. Mac admits that the feeling of getting stabbed in the bar is the kind of atmosphere he's been trying to cultivate.

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I was storming iā€” what are you, a man-cheetah? I feel fortunate to have this service available as another way to meet people David, 58, Lenox I met someone wonderful through your fine service.

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Dee, Dennis, and Mac going through Charlie's dream journal and getting completely confused by the drawings in it: The shooting was completed in two weeks and was to be released in winter He gets a mortician to do it, so he looks like a walking corpse and the mortician himself seems half-alive; at one point he asks Frank if he can go the bathroom to "moisten his mouth".

You have to hook from the first line of your profile ā€” and keep hooking. She takes advantage of me.

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When Mac cleans Charlie and Frank's squalor of an apartment: