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What was it like? Does the persona feel like a real person, or just a convenient archetype?

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Serving online personals since ! Tell me about how you [do whatever it is your product does]? Thank-you for your dating site.

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If you want to create an app for parents to distribute allowance to their kids, you should be taking a lot of photos of chore lists. Put teach one you can think of on an index card or Post-It.

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What do think think, see, feel, and do in our area of interest? A set of cards with ideas on personas.

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Does the persona do a good job of supplying better, more testable answers to your key questions see section above on this. Much better designers than myself will point out the danger of biasing the team by doing this in advance of talking to subjects.

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I recommend drafting your problem scenarios in parallel. Who do you think is doing it right?

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We realize you have quite a few choices these days when it comes to matchmaking sites, we strive to do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied.

What do they think about our competitive alternatives? Here are a few example questions you might ask to get at this: Create a collage of real stuff.

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This is a great time to continue the process and move to drafting your interview guide step Go where the persona is and observe. Why do they prefer our proposition? Needfinding with Problem Scenarios.

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The Day in the Life exercise is another good tool here.