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F Ludwig President 's Aluminum badge from the 40's. The serial number guides do not work on these badges Not sure of the year, but I would guess close to the badge above it This badge was on lower level vistalite shells and lower level drums Blue and Olive Cut Badge - First in the line and Dating ludwig drums cut to fit on Drums with the center bead.

Serial Number/Badge Styles

Spend some time searching their old posts - you will probably get your questions answered with a little work on your part. Do not use without permission of owner. First of all, that is rude.

One last thing to bear in mind: It was on a snare drum. From here you should be able to gather information to determine what Ludwig Drums you have and what year they were made. Not sure where I got this badge! I would consider this the hardest to find badge Dating website good headline it was a peel and stick transition badge.

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The image shows the earliest of Ludwig Snare drums and the badge above. In addition, individual owners may have trimmed the badges themselves, so consulting a serial number will provide a better gauge on the drum.

Courtesy of Alan Paper tag on a set of bongo drums Same badge as below, but it was installed on a drum with an aluminum grommet. One day a box of drum badges could turn up or in many cases new serial number badges were put on top of older serial number badges making it difficult for us today to know exactly when the drum was made.

Copyright - Date Stamp Date stamps are simultaneously the best and worst means to properly date a Ludwig drum from the '60s use of the date stamp was discontinued ca.

Ludwig Industries, Conn-Selmer, Inc. Photo courtesy Harold Lee Yen. The difficulty in date stamps is, more often than not, that the stamp has been rendered illegible or removed completely due to the wear and tear of the years.

From the inception of date-stamping in throughLudwig solely used red ink.

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This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums. For this reason and the aforementioned trend of updating vintage drums, hardware will not be covered in this guide. Just follow the links below This web site is connected to a large drum forum related to vintage drums where you could do even more research and or become a member to ask qeustions and learn from people that have been collecting for many years.

Serial Guide

The Vintage Drum Forum can be found by clicking here. WFL aluminum with sticky back drum badge. Third, it Dating ludwig drums time to answer each request.

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From toboth red and black inks were used with black as the predominant color. Please do not then take this estimate and put in your eBay listing that you drum has been "evaluated by Gretsch expert Richard Gier" and he determined the exact moment your drum was made.

Mid 's to present Ludwig Keystone Badge.