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From the 6th century Bergamo was the seat of one of the most important Lombard duchies of northern Italytogether with BresciaTrentoand Cividale del Friuli: It was meant to be a stronghold on the Western frontier with the Duchy of Milan, and to protect the trade routes leading into the Three Leagues territories Grisons and the Rhine Valley.

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Data recipients who are not designated as data managers or handlers, will use the data as autonomous holders for the related treatment. During the post-war economic boom, a large wave of internal migration especially from rural areas of Southern Italy moved to Milan.

It was at this time that the therapeutic properties of its waters were discovered. As a result, resistance groups formed. IAT, piazzale Ceccarini 10, Riccione, tel.

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This town was popular with the Romans, and then developed further in the Middle Ages. Wellbeing of body and mind is guaranteed Info: One of the most famous is Salsomaggiore, a settlement dating bade to the time of the Romans, who were the first to use the waters, not so much for therapeutic Dating lombardia, but to obtain the salt from it.


Methods of data processing Personal data is processed via manual, digital and networking tools, in ways closely related to the stated purposes, and always aiming to ensure the security and confidentiality of data. Despite the brief interlude granted by the Treaty of Lodi inthe uneasy balance of power among the Northern Italian states precipitated the Italian Warsa series of conflicts from to that involved, at various times, also the Papal StatesFranceand the Holy Roman Empire.

Construction on the second stage, from Garibaldi to San Siro Meazza football stadium began in autumn and was completed in time for Dating site west yorkshirealthough some intermediate stations were opened at a later date.

In the s Milan was shaken by the Bava-Beccaris massacrea riot related to a high inflation Dating lombardia.

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The population grew from 1. Late modern Dating lombardia contemporary[ edit ] Popular print depicting the " Five Days " uprising against Austrian rule.

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The spas here use salso-sulphurous water with a strong Dating lombardia component, used to treat skin and respiratory tract diseases and vein disorders. The city saw also a marked rise in international tourism, notably from America and Japan, while the stock exchange increased its market capitalisation more than five-fold.

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The data will be kept for a maximum period of 5 years. Cadorna - Porta Genova 13 Apr It was from Milan that the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan in AD, granting tolerance to all religions within Dating lombardia Empire, thus paving the way for Christianity to become the dominant religion of the Empire.

The local Guelph and Ghibelline factions were the Colleoni and Suardirespectively. This prompted him to come back a few years later inand claim the Duchy of Milan for himself, his grandmother having been a member of the ruling Visconti family.

Cenisio station 26 Sept All information regarding the right of access can be obtained, also via your branch, from: The sulphurous water is used for inhalations atomizing and for treating rhinogenous deafness info: Gerusalemme station 11 Oct The city was also affected by a severe financial crisis and a steady decline in textiles, automobile and steel production.

Monumentale station 14 Nov Romolo - Famagosta 17 Mar At the beginning of the twentieth century, Riccione gained international fame, first of all as a tourist centre, and then as a spa centre, uniting the joys of the beach with the healing properties of the sulphurous-bromo-iodic waters that spring from tour sources situated in a pine forest just a few yards from the sea.

With the decline in manufacturing, the city has sought to develop on its other sources of revenue, including publishing, finance, banking, fashion design, information technology, logistics, transport and tourism.

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The Sannitico Provincial Museum is found in the beautiful palace Mazzarotta and preserves an interesting collection of finds of the Samnite era. You can breathe in the balmy air, perfumed by the nearby woods and pure like the water that comes down from here to the Romagna riviera.

Occasionally, the Foehn winds cause the temperatures to rise unexpectedly: After the completion of the southern Assago branch, trains normally operate between Cologno Nord and Assago Milanofiori Forum, and between Abbiategrasso and Gessate, with some trains terminating at Cascina Gobba.

This area of spas is situated in the middle of the Parma countryside, a short distance from Busseto, the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi Info: IAT- piazza Maggiore 6, Bologna, tei.

Maximian increased the city area surrounded by a new, larger stone wall about 4. Today, Salsomaggiore is a spa resort of European renown, elegant and refined, with pump-room buildings that are the very model for Italian spas such as the famous Berzieri Baths, with their characteristic Liberty architecture.

She was an expert connoisseur of spa waters, and, because of her delicate health, she and her family used to go to the most fashionable watering places.