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So, this is where we have ended up.

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The purpose of dating is marriage. I pray and I live a normal life, but I am very confused and lost. Looks and money were not allowed. On the side, he was still secretly seeing me and hanging out with me. I agree with you that the Bible warns that a Christian should not marry outside of the Christian faith.

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He adamantly refused and stated that we would have to be split up before I could bring them with me to my church. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? For more information on how this works, click here.

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Sitting in the Kingdom Hall as a young child, I would hear talks about sex, but they were, for the most part, warnings about what not to do—what was moral and what was not— but mostly not.

What should I do? We have been married for seven years, but I just found out that he has been seeing another lady for over a year now and has been unfaithful to me. All I knew was that men wanted and needed sex.

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All other faiths are thought to be false and dominated by Satan the Devil. Joe Zlomek Share this: Joining is simple - just create your personal profile and start browsing the profiles of members to see who might be a good match for you.

He then told him that he needs to get rid of his past which was me.

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I then proceeded to begin taking our newborn son to church with me, but when he was about 5 months old, and still breastfeeding, he told me I would no longer be allowed to bring him with me either.

I knew more about myself, I knew what I wanted, and I was no longer willing to settle for just anyone that came along. What questions should I ask and what should I avoid when talking to him about his choice of religion?

The more zealous a Jehovah's Witness is, the more serious they are about the dating rules and proper etiquette. How Can I Witness to Him? They are politically neutral. I was shocked when I first discovered this and felt betrayed and blindsided by the news. Dear friend, We feel for you in this situation with your daughter.

Regarding marriage to non believers, the Watchtower says this, 'Jehovah warned of the dangers and consequences of bad associations.

When he came back Dating jehovahs witnesses talk to me, he had a change of heart and said that he was going to stay with the Kingdom Hall. They are 'separate from the world'.

An international association providing support for those affected by the Watchtower Society.

Would it be more negative than positive in a marriage? You can even send them a flirt or a private message to let them know of your interest. However, he still holds onto many of the beliefs he was raised with and in the last six weeks, his friends and family have influenced him to go back to the meetings at the Kingdom Hall.

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I am mostly concerned about her losing her parents. What is Your Age My age is: In doing so, I learned about being human. What Can I Do? Have I lost her due to me not being a witness? I was learning about and setting up boundaries.

Enter your Email Address Email remains confidential: Daisy lawless dating found out later that there were a lot of things that the Kingdom Hall did not explain to him until after he got baptized.

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I have absolutely no experience with this belief system, and although I am a Christian, I have found it difficult to fully grasp some of what I have been hearing from these two.

Before they start dating, they must be in a position to get married, - spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially.

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