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Military — I saw some terse mentions that during there was a bed station hospital for those wounded in the war Kandahar dating site Europe.

This Ward House was built in the year At the end ofConcord Electric Company began purchasing power from Public Service of New Hampshire, and the Sewall's Falls hydroelectric plant was then taken out of service.

There are two dates carved in granite on this entrance: The Pillsbury name continues in two places in Concord: Glencliff Sanitarium The state of New Hampshire operated a tuberculosis sanatorium also spelled sanatarium during the years in the remote town of Glencliff, in a valley west of Mount Moosilauke.

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Photo of the empty 75, gallon water reservoir on the brook that powered the mill. Built in the year in Concord, with track extending to Penacook in Check our website for schedule of Dating in concord nh concerts, free to inn guests. View of the railroad tracks looking south.

In the yearPage Belting purchased J.

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Hillwhich is now located in Boscawen, NH. Gray granite rock from a local quarry was used in the construction.

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View from Badger Street side. The second track is a siding. However, in the s and continuing into the early s, sick or injured people were customarily confined to their homes and physicians visited the homes. Visit our website for more information. Railroads are much more energy efficient than trucks and buses, and railroads can be much faster than traffic on an Interstate highway.

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DC electricity for the southern end of this line was provided by a generator in Manchester. Photo of one building, taken from the parking lot on the west side.

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The generators provided three-phase alternating current electricity to Concord, which was the second three-phase plant for supplying a city in the USA. Welcoming, congenial atmosphere, family friendly.

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Take a hike on the trails abutting the property. Main Street and Storrs Street are adjacent parallel streets, but separated by two city blocks. Page Belting in Concord, NH In the days before electric motors, manufacturing plants were often located next to a river.

The hotel closed inthe year after the demolishment of the railroad depot a few blocks southeast of the hotel. Water flowing in the river turned a waterwheel, which turned a shaft inside the manufacturing plant.


Post Office, federal courthouse, and place for local offices of the federal government. This cylindrical building was constructed in to extract and store heating gas from coal tar.

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Concord, NH has never been a major manufacturing site. A smaller building contains a dance studio and some offices. River Park in Penacook was the northern end of the trolley run. This photograph was taken from the steps of the state capital building on State Street.

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