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Dating hmv 78 records, don’t miss a thing!

In the book world, the First Edition is king. To ensure that the degradation became consistently worse with each re-mastering, they would have had to have kept detailed notes, specifications and instructions, so that they, or their replacement engineers, wouldn't "screw-up" and actually improve the sound by "mistake".

Some time ago now, I received an e-mail from a reader in Europe. Disc records were also easier and cheaper to store in bulk, as they could be stacked, or when in paper sleeves put in rows on shelves like books—packed together more densely than cylinder recordings.

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The Beatles deal is said to be one of the cheapest made by Parlophone Records. Were mastered by the exact same engineers around 10 of themduring the entire 30 year period we are focusing on. Allegretto vivace — Allegro animato 4. One of the earliest surviving wax cylinder recordings.

They are clean and transparent, but they are also quite dry and analytical. So it's worth it to search them out, but only if the music and performance are important to you. In fact, it would have cost Decca more money to go to all the trouble of making two completely separate mastering and pressing processes that still had to appear identical to the buying public.

The Edison Bell company in Europe had separately licensed the technology and were able to market Edison's titles in both wax popular series and celluloid indestructible series.

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They have a good reputation with the "collector crowd", who are easily impressed by anything that is "old". After that, to a man, they would have all agreed to never again attempt to improve on that first effort.

After that, you are on your own. I suspect the reason is simple; the master tapes weren't good enough in the first place to either make a great sounding record or to screw one of them up. The differences between the early pressings are normally small, and are greatly exaggerated by the collectors and dealers.

I also got hold of a few dealers' lists, and have since been checking on-line sales listings from time to time. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence! The later Cisco pressings, still being made in the U. The Hypothetical Events 1. I would avoid them if possible.

During the last 15 years of his life Goldenweiser recorded quite prolifically but most of this work was for the radio and only released subsequent to his death.

No one has been able to determine for whom these two labels were intended, since many surviving copies are in new condition. Wide band, grooved- Issues up to about late Wide band, no groove- Issues from late to mid Narrow band- Issues from mid onwards What I noticed at once on reading your notes was that the superior Neumann SX cutter was introduced inmore or less coinciding with the abolition of the groove for which collectors will pay so dearly!

There are indications the grey variation is the early catalogue numbers and pastel blue the later in the series. That Gilels and Zak began performing together is perhaps not surprising as they both grew up in Odessa and then moved to Moscow to study with Neuhaus, however it was probably the Second World War, and their confinement to the Soviet Union where there was a need for morale boosting concerts, which brought the duo together in a partnership which lasted about ten years.

The Deccas and Londons both used: InPreuss hired George Martin as his assistant. The only important point is simple: However, there is one "Caveat" to the above statement, and also one "Exception". If you find some pressings that match the original's musical selections, without any additions, then they are a safe choice.