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With her magnificent scene partner, Maurice Benard Sonny playing the beats of a heartbroken lover who deep down loves Kate, he watches in shock and sadness as Kate talks to her alter Connie who is trying desperately to deduce what happened the night Anthony Zacchara's tires were shot out, which in turn killed Cole and Hope.

Kate then confesses to Dr. When Kate is arrested for reckless driving and a hit and runshe is released into Sonny's custody, after spending the night in jail. Through these glimpses, it is revealed Kate Howard was born Constanza Louise Falconeri, Connie for short by those who knew her.

She then arrives at Sonny's home, and tells him she has something to tell him. She is initially resistant to take Trey off of life-support, but Sonny is able to Dating fictional character her it is the right thing to do.

After an argument with Sonny, it's revealed that Kate still has possession of her bloody wedding dress, locked away in an oak chest. Lost " LA X " 2 Feb Matt Cavanaugh, played by Chi McBride. Connie overhears Olivia admitting her feelings for Sonny.

Ewen suggests that he hypnotize her, in order to find out why "Connie" was created. She agrees to it, as long as she's able to say goodbye to Sonny.

Before she dies, she writes in blood the letters "AJ. Trevor tries to blackmail Kate into choosing between Sonny or him and her career, but pulling crucial advertisements from Couture magazine.

They both start to develop feelings for each other, and sleep together on Valentine's Day. As Connie emerges, she reveals that she was created to protect Kate from Sonny's hold and that he's almost gotten them killed one, and that he's on the verge of having it happen again.

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But I remember shortly after I started filming, maybe a couple weeks in to it, Garin Wolf was there. Killer Instinct " Game Over " 11 Nov Kate admits to Sonny that whenever she's leaving town, she's not going to meetings, she's seeing a psychiatrist.

Claire Bennet 's biological mother, Meredith, tries to light a Morley in the Bennet home before Sandra Bennet asks her not to smoke in the house. We spent a bit of time talking about these issues she's never dealt with, regarding her family and her choice to run away and create this whole new reality for herself.

At their wedding, Connie unveils herself and reveals her marriage to Johnny, as a blackmail situation to keep Johnny's secret over killing Cole and Hope, a confession Connie took credit for.

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The pair return to Bensonhurst in December, and spend Christmas together. She relives the painful memories of being raped by Joe Scully, Jr. Megan [Ward] created the role and set the bar very high.

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She then goes to the dock, in her bloody wedding gown and is unsure of why she's there. After Sonny proposes, Kate begins to feel conflicted again, and reverts to Connie. In the parking garage, a hitman shoots at Dante; Sonny interferes and gets shot himself. A pack of Morley cigarettes is visible on the coffee table when Shane and Jenny are lying on the sofa together.

I Dating fictional character know much, but I know that they are going to take their time to work it out. Jason helps arrange a meeting between Sonny and Kate, in which she admits she has a multiple personality that has caused the rift between them.

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She is a character constantly trying to hide where she came from and who she really is, Connie Falconeri. A lot of her fans were resistant, but it's different now, because we started recreating something that is mine.

NY " Boo " 31 Oct She's hurt and scared. Then, John Green love you!