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The linking of these numbers to an individual nurse is not generally possible without access to the appropriate GNC register, precisely because only the registration number and the specialty of these later badges are inscribed.

Like a misprinted stamp or currency note little is known about the origins of this badge, although this may be recorded somewhere in the Thos Fattorini archives.

The Archive

The chains were fragile structures and there were differences in quality and type of chain and fittings though the majority seen are as illustrated here. This is the most striking feature - the one which attracts the most immediate attention.

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To achieve the latter it was essential to persuade the existing professional leaders of suitability for entry - never an easy task - and then to survive the obstacles - physical, intellectual, and moral, just to reach the examinations. Very good condition, complete with original loops, baubles and green bristle plume.

Today this factory produces the widest variety of plastic name badges in the country, and is determined to maintain its place at the head of the competition by continuing to improve its products and techniques, the skills of its staff, and the services offered to its customers.

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The latter mark was used on badges produced at Fattorini's Regent Street works for all badges produced there. A collection of all GNC State Registration badges is not possible unless the successors of the GNC inherited one for the simple reason that there were no set issue dates.

By this factory was too small and the company relocated to Regent Street Works.

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The registration number wasThis layout changed, first in the beginning of the s with the dropping of the Dating fattorini badges hallmarks - when the badges became chromium plated base metal; and again about the early 70's, when all detail except specialty and registration numbers was dropped.

But there are some basic guidelines.

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Fittings for pins or lapel fastenings are now soldered on to the stampings, which are then cleaned in acid ready for enamelling. Looking at the circumference line with the badge vertical and the correct way up the shape is that of the rose of England.

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Very good condition, the reverse complete with two original small screw post and nut fixings, enamel perfect, minimal wear to gilt finish. B'ham" and "Regd " a registered, design and patent date of Information about who designed the badge is Dating fattorini badges immediately available - or about whether the original paper design and perhaps prototype badge still exist at Thomas Fattorini?

Perhaps cheaper to obtain the original!

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But there are exceptions to every rule A good original 'Butlins Skegness silver plate and enamel badge. Unless it is buried in the Fattorini archives.

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Good condition, retaining original pin fittings with coiled pin, gilt remains bright, two minor stress marks to upper trousers, otherwise perfect. A rare original pre-war circa first pattern 'Robertson's Footballer Golly badge', displaying white hands and black feet and wearing a yellow V-neck waistcoat displaying the advertising slogan 'Golden Free dating limerick and kicking a pale blue and white ball; the reverse stamped in relief with a "REGd " a Registration, Design and Patent for the year and with maker's details "H.

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The badges issued to nurses who were registered by the General Nursing Council for England and Wales are, without doubt, very collectable items simply as badges.

A guestimated value of the silver content at a scrap value is around 0. The manufacturer marks and inscriptions varied in position.

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Again the exact date is proving elusive.