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You can enjoy a one-to-one or group meditation session which offer an opportunity to explore various techniques, such as breath work, visualisation, relaxation and self-enquiry. Mindfulness can be taught on a basis or in groups.

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To view photographic portraits of members of the Duke Family of Sompting and related families, click on the link below: Click on the link below to view a selection of Otto Brown's picture postcards on Rendel Williams' excellent Sussex Postcards Info website: Upstairs, above the Coronation Hall, was the Electric Theatre, one of the earliest purpose-built cinemas.

With ever increasing levels of stress in everyday life, it is important for people to take more responsibility for their own healthcare needs.

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Meditation Meditation is quite simply a way to allow the body, mind and spirit to relax, unwind and find a moment of inner tranquillity and space to breathe.

Practising meditation regularly enables life to flow and in turn brings about a sense of equilibrium allowing the presence of trust, inner peace and joy to unfold and grow.

Coaching can support many areas, some examples are: Once the case taking has been done, educating the client to understand what is occurring and why they have reached this point will empower them.

Mindfulness will be introduced, as well as muscle relaxation techniques and some visualisation. The Kursaal was an entertainment centre that comprised of a roller-skating rink, a cinema, licensed refreshment rooms, a bazaar, an exhibition hall and a covered ornamental garden used for concerts.

Carl Adolf Seebold bornZurich was a Swiss-born impresario who arrived in Worthing inafter working as a musician in Rochdale and running a theatre in Southend-on-Sea.

For many, deep relaxation may have become a distant memory due to our particularly stressful modern lifestyles. BySeebold was in the Essex seaside resort of Southend-on-Sea, where he ran a theatre and put on musical concerts. Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.

This can lead to bad posture resulting in discomfort and pain. Individual Sessions are also available. It can provide healing where a baby has been lost during pregnancy or birth, can alleviate fear and anxiety during pregnancy, or about future pregnancy.

There are many therapeutic interventions and healing modalities to choose from today, but many do not venture further back than early childhood. Harold, the young man who sent this card to Miss Lillie Peacock on 16th Augustwrote on the reverse of this card: Matrix Birth Reimprinting is available with Cathy Groome.

If you are ready to be a co-creator and step into your true authentic self — then these sessions are for you. Sessions provide an opportunity to practice and explore and you are encouraged to develop your own practice between sessions.

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Past life can be for this life too. With the right tools and techniques the body is able to work for you on every level, restoring a state of balance. At the front of The Kursaal, at ground level, was an arcade which contained Otto Brown's photographic studio and bazaar, a shop selling toys, games and fancy goods.

A few years later, Brown produced a series of photographs of the "Worthing Whimsies", a group of entertainers that succeeded the Comets at the Kursaal.

Meditation either as a one-to-one session, as a group or course is available with Ann-Marie and David.

It works on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Once a new sense of freedom has been experienced the grown up adult can now emerge from the chrysalis and be free to fly and enjoy the nectar of life. Seebold's Kursaal in Marine Parade from around to see below.

A selection of Otto Brown's postcard portraits can be viewed by clicking on the link below: Otto Brown's trade plate is blind-stamped in the lower Dating events worthing corner. Musical entertainment was provided in the refreshment area and in the tea gardens to the north of the main hall.

By the s, Seebold and his family were living in England.