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There was no shame in acknowledging that openly in Tahiti. That has basically been the same shameful attitude and treatment of the Cook Islands drum instruments, orchestration and rhythms.

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Sometimes such profit-motivated insensitive actions by companies regarding Cook Islands drum instrumentsand rhythms have even involved straight piracy.

And mosquitos are a particular pest Close harmony singing is highly developed in church music and the power and emotional impact of chants and hymns at weddings and funerals is well known to visitors who attend.

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But Puka-Puka itself means 'land of little hills', and others say that's the real origin of the name which was given to the island by the first Polynesians who came here thousands of years ago.

They will also tell of the problems with people hiding in the bushes trying to record our rehearsals on audio tape.

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Acknowledgement is the least you can do. A chief, or indeed, any man, was judged by his ability and willingness to bestow gifts and to throw big parties.

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Cook Islands drum dances and drum rhythms are well known and have been for many years. Umpires use their whistle for any number of reasons including just the sheer joy of being aliveand games continue for an indefinite number of days, before the winner is decided by a mysterious process that seems to be known only to participants.

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Neither the Achaian nor the archetypal Polynesian free man or 'hero' had a word describing his immediate nuclear family. Every beat pattern was unique to Aitutaki with low pitch and double play of the shark drum and the tokere.

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There's also a women only version! Games are played with a long three-sided bat and a "ball" or "bowl" that can best be described as a solid block of wood.

Introduced by the wives of missionaries in the 19th century, the craft grew into a communal activity and is probably one of the main reasons for its popularity.

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Keep in mind that the PCC has existed for 40 years and during all that time the institution has by its actions, purposely kept representation of some Polynesian cultures including that of the Cook Islands.

Particularly fine examples of rito hats are worn by women to church on Sundays. These stories enshrined the power of the chiefs as inheritors of what might be termed an "heroic" culture.

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He said at the time he was looking for a place beyond the reach of "the faintest echo from the noisy clamour of the civilised world". From time to time theories have been advanced that Polynesian culture before European contact was similar to that of the heroic period of Greece, that is, pre-dating Homer around BC.

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The batsman - who doesn't wear shoes, let alone shin pads - doesn't run himself.