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These craftsmen began to use much thinner wire to more freely create complex designs. After all the cloisons are filled the enamel is ground down to a smooth surface with lapidary equipment, using the same techniques as are used for polishing cabochon stones.

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The outline of the design will be apparent on the reverse of the base plate. These dots are typically brick red, dark blue, white or black in color. Although talented and devoted craftsmen still exist, pieces are often rushed or mass produced resulting in a lower quality final product.

These ingredients are melted together, forming a glassy frit which is ground again before application. The early Ming Dynasty however, boosted its production as the Jingtai Emperor was particularly fond of the look.

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Plique-a'-jour is usually created on a base of mica or thin copper which is subsequently peeled off mica or etched away with acid copper. In Byzantine pieces, and even more in Chinese work, the wire by no means always encloses a separate color of enamel.

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In the Byzantine plaque at right the first feature may be seen in the top wire on the saint's black sleeve, and the second in the white of his eyes and collar.

Hundreds of small copper pieces can be used, often bent at right angles to create these patterns.

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Chinese art was and stayed very traditional for centuries. Red garnets and gold made an attractive contrast of colours, and for Christians the garnet was a symbol of Christ. With such a deep history, genuine pieces from centuries passed can be a wonder for the eyes.

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Often the enamel shrinks, and a second application and firing is needed to fill the cloisons completely. If marked, can be wire or metal tablets on enamel, hand painted on enamel, etched, or impressed.

In 19th century Japan it was used on pottery vessels with ceramic glazes, Dating cloisonne it has been used with lacquer and modern acrylic fillings for the cloisons. Master craftsmen used higher quality materials like silver and gold mounts and heavily gilded finishes, which remain brighter.

This makes perfect sense when we examine how the art is made; by creating partitioned or divided spaces on the surface of an object to be filled in with enamel. Any excess glue is burned away during this step leaving the partitions clean and ready to be filled.

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The high heat of the kiln softened the copper base. This process is repeated until all cloisons are filled to the top of the wire edge.

Now the Chinese are also competing, especially for imperial, Qing-dynasty pieces, and prices have risen again sharply. This is a combination of powered glass and substrate that is heated up and mixed, then cooled to create a thin paste.

Some have gold, silver, or gilt. Eventually, paper labels were used and often lost over time.

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This show has 61 of them, including the lovely little apple-lidded box.