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The text, one of the cornerstones of Indian culture, sees Draupadi, daughter of the King of Pancha being married to five brothers.

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They sleep together in turn, but that they do not have beds, just 'lots of blankets on the floor'. Pierre, Renee Tenison, Candace Collins, and Lisa Matthews, who all happily stripped down to re-enact their iconic cover shoots.

Cathy right admitted she doesn't 'remember most of the eighties' Charlotte Kemp, December Playmaterecalled still being a virgin when she shot her first Playboy shoot. It was just a different time, you know? It tends to be practised in male dominated villages, who still follow primitive rituals and customs.

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Charlotte, 56, struck a pose with Kimberly while on set Far from shy: While the advance of modernity has seen the archaic practice largely die out in most areas, the shortage of women in countries such as China and India has helped keep it alive as a solution to young men's difficulties in finding a wife.

The set up may seem peculiar, but it is custom in the small village near Dehradun, Northern India, for women to also marry the brothers of her first husband Wife: Cooper is pictured with his mom and grandmother in Happy couple: George, August Playmatestripped down to nothing to re-enact her racy October cover shot, which sees her covering her nude body with a strategically place bow-tie and button down.

Feb 13, at 2: It is most commonly found near the Himalayas in the north of the country, as well as in the mountainous nation of Tibet. Recently, there have been instances of DNA testing, to solve inheritance disputes.

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Hefner married his current wife Crystal Harris in ; he was also married to Mildred Williams from to The year-old model proudly recreated her October cover, which sees her dabbing perfume between her breasts while wearing a black lace bra.

George stripped down to nothing to re-enact her racy October cover shot left.

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The model donned an open button-down, blazer, and tie, just like she did for the original shoot in Like it was yesterday: We never refused anyone, ever. The family is pictured inthe same year the couple separated Hefner, who is now 91, temporarily gave up his bachelor image when he married Kimberly.

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Charlotte Kemp re-enacted her October cover pictured Old friends: Cooper, 25, gave his mom a hug while she was on set for the shoot Unconventional gift! Cooper paid tribute to his mother and grandmother on Mother's Day in May with these throwback photos Smile for the camera: Loving son and grandson: It is thought to have arisen from the popular Sanskrit epic of Mahabharatha, which sees Draupadi, daughter of the King of Pancha being married to five brothers.

It is not legal, but in its most common form - whereby women in polyandrous relationships marry more than one man from the same family - it is permitted.

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In polyandrous families, the woman often cannot say which of her husbands fathered which children. Rajo said she knew she was expected to accept all of her husbands, as her own mother had also been married to three brothers. But the former Mrs.

She said they sleep together in turn, but Australia dating site best they do not have beds, just 'lots of blankets on the floor'.


Share this article Share Nearly identical: Brothers who refuse the union are often treated as outcasts. Rajo does not know which of the brothers is the father of her son Housewife: The practice is also believed to be a way of keeping farming land in the family.

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Kimberly proudly struck a pose for the shoot, which was her son Cooper's idea Although the two identical cover shots were taken nearly 30 years apart, Kimberly looks just as stunning now in the men's-inspired getup as she did back then.

Hefner wasn't the only one who agreed to pay homage to her Playboy days. It was still the ultimate restaurant and health club with a hour membership.

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The ancient Hindu tradition of polyandry was once widely practiced in India, but is now only observed by a minority. Kimberly was one of seven Playmates who recreated their iconic covers. It had nothing to do with me.