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Understanding Stemware

Both locations operated simultaneously for many years. There is also no neck ring mold seam immediately below the finish like found on most Owens machine produced bottles and on a majority of all machine-made bottles. Two or more piece dip molds could theoretically have about any body shape or even embossing since the expanded bottle could be removed by opening the mold segments.

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The first factory location was in Pittsburgh, and the second one was started up in Sharpsburg somewhat later. A maker of many types of generic packer jars and bottles.

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For a broader discussion of this subject see Lockhart, et al. Click modern art glass dip molds to see examples of such which - though not used for bottle production - are identical in form and function to those used for bottles in the 19th century and before.

In any event, this example is 9.


After the parison has been lowered into the mold, the gaffer blows steadily into the blowpipe until he feels resistance which signals him that the hot glass has assumed completely the shape of the mold.

For a large majority of embossed and unembossed bottles, however, there is little or nothing formally published on the details of their origins.

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Star 5-pointed star on base, example shown ………. If your bottle fits this description, click Machine-made Bottles to move to the related webpage which allows the user to pursue more information on bottles produced almost totally in the 20th century by some type of automatic or semi-automatic bottle machine.

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The mold having been closed, the blower inflates the glass to fill the mold. Newman's key made a noble attempt at simplifying bottle dating, but is weakened by the fact that the subject is much too complex to be conducive to such a simple approach by itself. If necessary, look very closely at the bottle shoulder - the best location to see vertical side seams on mouth-blown and most machine-made bottles - in good light with a hand lens to see if there is at least some faint evidence of where the mold edges came together.

Click Pitkin shoulder Dating antique wine bottles see a close-up picture flask to the right of this ridge which shows just below the bottom of the neck and just above the pattern mold ridges.

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They used printed marks and labels. This can be due to one or a combination of factors including post-molding hot glass "flow" masking the mold seams, fire polishing of the bottle body, or atypically good mold fitting precision. This gave rise the alternative name "rib mold.

For more information click pattern molds.

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Collecting stemware takes some research and time to learn the basics, but the results will be unmatched. Click pattern mold base to view a picture showing the pattern continuing on to the base of the bottle pictured to the right.

Where to Find Antique Stemware

U G B ……………. Certain types of half-post produced bottles - like the "Pitkin" style flasks - were pattern molded after the application of the second layer of glass. It has been professionally cleaned I believe like most of them but without any diminishment of the glass surface or beauty; looks like it was never buried.

This section also discusses various other mouth-blown bottle manufacturing methods, some of which like finishing were also used with the free-blown methods noted above.

Balusterwhich has a stem that gets thicker near the foot Bucket bowla wide mouthed container Air twist stemswhich were designed to make the piece lighter, and therefore be taxed less glass was taxed by weight Facet cutsthe flat sections cut away on the stems Knopped Senior dating pei knobbed stems, which have bulbs or protuberances on the stems and which made the glasses easier to hold Examples and Values Crystal stemware can also be cut, etched, engraved, and enameled, and it has long been desired for its sparkle.

Tygart Valley was purchased by Brockway Glass Company in Could it be a reproduction? Known especially for producing clear glass embossed milk bottles for various dairies.

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T in a keystone……. Seen on base of wax sealer fruit jar. One-piece dip molds could produce about any cross section bottle shape - round, square, octagonal - but had to be designed to be removed from the top i.

If you need more information on this diagnostic feature - including various images - click the following link: