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Enter passenger names and ID passport numbers.

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However, only in did Aceh formally introduce sharia as the law of the land through the enactment of three bylaws banning the consumption of alcohol, gambling and khalwat dating in secluded places. The best class is Eksekutif, with reclining seats although it's perfectly acceptable to travel in any class, even Ekonomi.

No ID is needed. And can it be repealed?

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Which price to select? When you've entered passenger details, click to continue. Your booking will appear on the screen.

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Alternatively, you can use the official Indonesian Railways site www. Human rights activists doubt such a claim, saying non-Muslim offenders are mostly deprived of legal assistance and thus pressured to be tried under sharia. If you now see the passenger details screen, tickets are available!

They argue that the caning punishment goes against the law on human rights and the UN convention on torture, which Indonesia has ratified.

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If you buy a ticket online at Ticket. But what type of sharia is implemented in Aceh? A small paper ticket is printed out below the screen.

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Feedback if you use www. And how does Deception online dating sharia-based legal system work there?

Many trains are Ekonomi class only, and it's perfectly safe and comfortable to use Ekonomi class trains if the timings suit you better, or if other classes or trains are full.

It'll work on your mobile, too.

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Bisnis class is a perfectly acceptable alternative if Eksekutif class is fully booked or if you want to save money. Alongside khalwat, maysir gambling and khamar consuming alcohol are also illegal under sharia.

There are certain times of year when trains get fully booked many weeks ahead so early online booking is a must. Fill out an order form first This is the South Concourse departures gate at Jakarta Gambir How to buy tickets If you buy a ticket at the station less than 3 days before departure, they'll give you the orange boarding pass and you can board the train.

The history of sharia in modern Aceh, however, goes back to the early days of the Reform Era, when Jakarta decided to grant the province a special status. Google's Chrome browser will translate anything you don't understand.

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The Institute for Criminal Justice Reform and the Solidarity for Women activist group have taken up the challenge by filing a judicial review request against jinayat at the Surpreme Court. If you're buying more than one ticket you'll need the passport number for each passenger.

However, you can only get boarding passes at the station where your journey starts, not at other stations.

Seats normally face forwards, but can be rotated to face either direction by depressing the foot pedal on the aisle side. Take this to the cash desk and pay for your train tickets in cash - according to one report, you may even get a free box of teabags. I recommend overseas travellers use www.

Pick the right ticket window It does, but only for crimes that are not regulated under the Criminal Code such as khalwat, premarital sex or homosexuality.

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After payment you'll be sent an email with a printable booking confirmation attached. But it confuses people who don't know this!

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