Nick Powills, Franchise & No Limit Agency - Unhappy Franchisee Nick Powills, Franchise & No Limit Agency - Unhappy Franchisee

Dating agency franchise opportunity,

Com In the first 10 parts of our investigation into the booming pay-for-praise and lies-for-loot area of franchise marketing and public relations, we focused on Dr. Powills and the clients on his testimonial page says it works.

Homeowners get a quality, reliable paint job at a reasonable price and students not only earn good money, but gain invaluable business, management and entrepreneurial skills and experience. The kids are working their butts off bringing in the CASH while a bunch of slackers at the top are raking in the money.

In fact, we reviewed 93 promotional articles published about Smoothie King in magazine in If your kid wants to do College Pro, stand by them and know that they will work their butts off. They are NOT good leaders or role models for our youth! Part 2 of a Series.

Many of the franchise sellers post the stories on Twitter and Facebook as if they are real, earned stories, and many display the feed on their websites not as press releases or blog posts, but as Franchise News.

I welcome opinions from all viewpoints and all sides of this issue.

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I just kept thinking they make 70k and I only make 10k. The idea seems to be a win-win for everyone: In total on a 50K biz they take 25K.

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Comments from former employees give a consistent description: According to the College Pro Painters franchise website directed at prospective franchisees: No Limits Agency is proud of its clever strategy: I was just lucky not to have to pay anything more back to them for quiting like I read other managers have done.

However, there are numerous comments on Internet complaint sites that tell a different story. All of them represent a brand recognized throughout North America, so we are particular about who enters the Dating agency franchise opportunity — and supportive of those we choose.

If your thinking of becoming a franchisee it will be a mistake of a life time.

I booked 72k and was on my way to my goal of 80k and my GM told me I was only going to recieve something less then 10k. Comment below or send an email to unhappyfranchisee[at]gmail. The FTC Rule also requires publishers and advertisers to clearly disclose paid media and endorsements to readers and potential purchasers in order to not be deemed deceptive trade practices.

I was pissed so you mean I worked hrs a day and take home less then 10k.

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