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We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future. In many countries, it is illegal to record a phone call without a judicial warrant.

Such software is often unwittingly downloaded when an individual opens a malicious link or file disguised as a legitimate item of interest to the target. Telecom Fraud Proclamation, articles 6 1 criminalizes dissemination of messages about activities punishable under the anti-terrorism law and 10 3 criminalizes commercial use of VoIP.

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These fears appear to persist to different degrees throughout the country, regardless of ethnicity. The Ethiopian government has ambitious growth targets in the telecommunications sector.

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One study found that 80 percent of Ethiopians use radio as a source of information while 53 percent said radio was their most important source of information. We are all too scared to speak our mind.

Testing was carried out in Addis Ababa and several other cities.

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It has used repressive laws to decimate civil society organizations and independent media and target individuals with politically-motivated prosecutions. It is not a legally registered political party. Also known as spyware or malware, such software can allow a government to capture passwords and other text typed into the devicecopy or delete files, and even turn on the microphone or camera of the device to eavesdrop.

Our investigations did not uncover a single case in which there was evidence that warrants were issued by the courts to facilitate access to phone records or recordings.

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Phone networks have been shut down during peaceful protests. According to government media, the program had reached woredas and government offices by April In Ethiopia these mechanisms are largely absent.

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The existence of private sector companies in the telecom sector could increase the difficulty for government of accessing communications records without going through additional steps or legal processes. As a result, the increasing technological ability of Ethiopians to communicate, express their views, and organize is viewed less as a social benefit and more as a political threat for the ruling party, which depends upon invasive monitoring and surveillance to maintain control of its population.

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More Opportunities for Government Control? While some of the individuals who were subject to this unsophisticated but effective technique were in remote, rural areas and not high-profile, some very high-profile individuals were subject to this basic technique.

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