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He comes to a gathering in the square, where a crowd watches a performing troupe put on a comical show, with Ra-on and her father portraying the king and the crown prince as buffoonish characters.

The teacher drops to his knees in abject apology, and then Yeong grins, saying he was just teasing.

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On the way, a swordsman in black bumps into her Kwak Dong-yeonand he stares intently before walking on ahead. Ra-on is led along with all the other eunuch recruits toward the palace.

After the tenth day, Lonelyhearts appears and silently crosses paths with his lady in the road. Under the help and training from Min-hyuk, she manages to control her strength to use it for good causes.

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So Yeong grabs Ra-on close and holds her right up to himself, catching her off-guard. Before Ra-on is forced to answer that, a snake slithers up on his shoulder and has him screaming.

She asks where she is, and he informs her in a drunken slur that this is where men get turned into eunuchs. A falling tree branch crashes down toward her, and he dashes forward to rescue her. Ha, are you reading something naughty? Ra-on says defensively that the runaway woman had suffered a lot in that household, and that the slave was her only comfort.

His teacher gapes at the strange flying paper, and Yeong coins its name then and there: The king smiles proudly to watch Yeong answering his teacher knowledgeably, fluent in the classics that teach self-restraint, moderation, learning, and self-cultivation. Ra-on looks genuinely pained and her clothes are soaked in blood, but she praises the man for doing a neat job of it.

Outside the door, a disheveled Yeong is back from his pit adventure and overhears the conversation, which seems to anger him.

Yoon-sung talks to her familiarly as he leads them away, successfully sparing her from scrutiny.

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They walk a bit, until suddenly Yeong shoves Ra-on against a tree with a knife to her neck. Ra-on arrives back in the city by nightfall, and comes upon freshly posted wanted notices: Yoon-sung notices Ra-on standing next to her own wanted poster, and clocks her nervousness at seeing patrolling soldiers nearby.

Yeong watches his sister fall down in dismay, feeling pity for her. I mean, your means are a little crude but you mean well.

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Immediately, their conflicting political views are apparent: With a sigh, Yeong enters and tosses a book down, its pages full of drawings of faces. He offers to lift her up first this time and grabs her around the middle to raise her up.

The man approaches with his blade in hand, and Ra-on backs away in horror, insisting that she absolutely cannot be made a eunuch. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. Ra-on notices the bloody cut in his upper arm, then catches up to the rest of her recruit class.

Min-hyuk and Bong-soon find themselves and their relationship growing into something more. Sharp eyes, this one.

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Her debt is at least in part due to her ailing father, who grumpily reminds Ra-on that they barely have money for food, much less his medicine. Once alone, Ra-on tends to her wounds—it turns out the blood was all her own, the wound inflicted upon her leg.

She drops to the floor to beg for mercy: Then, he gets another gray hair when a court lady rushes in with more Christian advice on relationships dating The king finds death an overly harsh punishment for stealing food.