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She warns him not to pity her, and he points out that pity was the point of faking her hospital stay. But when she approaches with the shoe, she finds him cackling into his phone that it was a miracle she died and took care of that all on her own.

She drops to banmal right away, acting high and mighty and noting his name. Kang Woo accompanies Jin-ju to the hospital, and with his secretary needing to deliver her documents, Joong-won is left to drive himself home.

Joong-won also makes his rounds with his team and tells his team to look into the owner, who seems untrustworthy. But a ghostly hand wraps itself around her ankle—ack they can touch now?

A right turn was the strange direction his GPS lady had issued, and now we see that High Heels had been sitting next to him when that happened. She wonders if he kept his eye on him at the hospital because he felt sympathy, and he sticks to his line that he just happened to see things he had no intention of seeing.

Download the latest version here. The bitch you hate. He fires her and orders her to get lost. Gong-shil huddles in shock, and the cheating husband goes on to assure his mistress that his mother-in-law will die soon and everything will become his. Joong-won recognizes the husband as his employee, so Gong-shil figures the wife was on her way to meet him when she died.

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Uncle VP sits up straight and insists his love has never wavered. Drunk Gong-shil recognizes him standing outside, and then spots the ghost standing behind him. Just then a woman walks by wearing the same heels, and she heads off to ask her about them.

Gong-shil thanks Joong-won for helping, and he curtly informs her that he did it for himself only. Joong-won excuses himself from the proceedings, Dating agency cyrano ep 11 indo sub to let Gong-shil handle the rest on her own, and she protests—she needs him with her to prevent other ghosts from clinging.

Gong-shil, Joong-won, and Kang Woo hear the scream and find Jin-ju sprawled in the stairwell, thankfully only with minor injuries.

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Jin-ju gets scared by the resulting paranormal effects dimming lights, falling signs and starts running for the stairs. She gets him to admit grudgingly that she probably was scared, and explains that if she grabs him, they disappear. On the upside, Kang Woo is also heading home from the hospital, and assures Gong-shil that using a tissue box for a shoe was a sensible move.

Lol, she makes her sound like a vampire. He cuts her off to return to work, and she sputters again. Nervously, he tells her to stop with the useless talk, just as Gong-shil recoils at something up toward the ceiling.

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Gahhhh, stop that Ring flicker, stop it! The exchange gets noticed by potentially shifty security director Kang Woo, who has been waiting to go home with Gong-shil and watches curiously from the side.

Her view is obstructed by a wall of bags on display, so she imagines herself wearing the heels as the wife and tiptoes herself into the perfect vantage point to see the two of them getting awfully chummy.

And so Gong-shil takes the walk of shame home, braving snickers from strangers and stumbling along in her broken-down tissue box. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

The husband had seen her looking in the window and run after her, chasing her through the empty mall. A flashback takes us back to the night he was driving himself home from the hospital, only to be led back to the hospital by either an errant GPS Idiots guide to carbon dating a terrible sense of direction.

Joong-won spots the mistress watching around the corner and has her brought out, wearing only one shoe. The woman heads into the closed shop, followed by the husband, and Gong-shil peers in through the window to watch.

I could really watch that happen over and over. She accepts that, with the reminder that it had better stay that way.