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Another eunuch sees her in there and warns her to get out, so she urges Yeong to come out too, before they get caught by the prince. Ra-on thanks him for not asking questions, and Yoon-sung tells her to hurry up and enjoy slacking off. Kim Tan knows immediately that the ziplock bag doesn't contain drugs, but rather powder grain to make traditional Korean drinks.

They lean back and enjoy the afternoon nap.

At the palace, a heartbroken Princess Myeongeun refuses food and vows bloodthirsty revenge one moment, then worries that her sweetheart might have fallen ill the next. This is the only way I know not to lose my people—doing nothing!

Yeong gets huffy at being called a Flower Scholar, then glares at the swearing grandma. Her mother had been alarmed and reminded her that she was to live as a boy, slapping her across the face and ordering her to take off the dress. The king meets with Prime Minister Kim, who happens to also be his father-in-law.

She runs to tell Royal Consort Park that the king is waiting to see her right now, and shows her the letter eagerly.

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Aw no, what happened? His face is shrouded in shadows, but then the clouds clear away from the moon, illuminating his face slowly. Yoo-jung is known for falling in love at the drop of a hat, whether its idols or real boys. Yeong kneels before the king, who announces to his ministers that the country is suffering because of his incompetence as a ruler, so he will make the crown prince regent, to rule in his place.

Lonelyhearts brightens at the encouragement. She slaps him, to his shock. That makes it a solid successor to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, just with less seriousness and more cheek. Then, he gets another gray hair when a court lady rushes in with more trouble: After the tenth day, Lonelyhearts appears and silently crosses paths with his lady in the road.

Filled with emotion, the king called out to him by name: I mean, your means are a little crude but you mean well.