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Some personality types are dreamers and like to imagine future steps. How will you divide the household bills?

What amenities do you want to own, and what can you afford together? Life is short right?

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Does he like to sleep in? These are just some of the things to consider before taking that giant leap into moving in together.

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The point of sex is to enjoy something sacred that is not readily available at any time of the day. You need time for those decisions. So, who is really the messy one? IT seems a bit out of reasonable context to go this fast no?

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The reality of moving in together is that you both own a lot of items that you have to consolidate somehow. Moving in with your main squeeze? February 3, at By Kacey Mya on. This step in the relationship can make or break a couple that's looking for its identity.

Set financial goals together.

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There are three basic components of this venture: You might actually enjoy watching your girlfriend dye her hair and give herself a manicure. It may seem trivial, but you will be coming home to this space every day and sharing it. If there are issues with one or both of you getting the dishes washed, invest in a dishwasher.

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You will be privy to all of her behavioral ups and downs, day in and day out. It will look like a tornado ransacked your living space if you're not careful and selective.

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So he may be doing everything in his power to please you so that you see potential in him may want to marry him. Prepare to be surprised. This is at times the kind of launching pad that can solidify a couple.

Only when its too late will the couple be able to realize that they moved too fast.