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Tetsuya tries to win the fight in the first turn, but Rouga retaliates with new cards to quickly finish the battle in the following turn. Shosetsu then attacks Rouga, who stops his assault with a card effect brought into reality.

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Then, Gao and Tasuku's Buddyfight commences in the school's amphitheatre as Gao's friends and little sister Hanako watch from the stands.

With Baku's newly constructed deck that is centric on Asmodai, Tetsuya surprisingly defeats Noboru, who lost because of what the old man had criticized him about earlier.

He has one of his monsters attack the surrounding area and take Stella as hostage.

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Reminded of the time in which they combined their powers to create the Gargantua Punisher card, Tasuku and Jackknife do the same thing again to make a new card, Dragonic Punisher, to defeat Galvanic Feather Dragon.

Then, Rouga has Gao and his band of friends engage in a 5-vs-5 Waseda style of Buddyfight with Rouga teaming with the four generals. You know were I live.

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Shosetsu quickly defeats her on his second turn, prompting Zanya to fight next. When Noboru asks for the old man's identity, he reveals himself as the monster Dragon Knight, El Quixote. When Gao mentions he has an "ultimate" Dungeon World deck, the school principal Ikarino overhears him and transports Gao and his classmates into an inescapable dungeon.

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Although Genma and Kemura are acquaintances, they fight to the best of their abilities. Kiri, that was waiting, suddenly the mood changes, and in his hands is a dark core deck case.

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Neginoyama comforts Gao by telling him to try to become friends with Rouga and to learn from his mistakes. They clash into each other with different feelings for different friends. Is there hope for change?

Just what is Kiri's true motive that he in such a hurry for…?

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They traverse through an underground labyrinth and track him down but are then assaulted by Doai who is still under Sophia's control. The villagers who look similar to Gao's human friends from Earth then believe that Drum is a legendary hero and request him to defeat the king of the monsters in the mountains.

Rouga uses his Dark Core to assume the identity of "Wolf" and calls out his buddy Armorknight Cerberus to start the mission.

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Will Gao get through to Kiri and will Tasuku win?