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Mr Wallen said that Turtak was driven the final stage of his journey back to Leeds by the first officer on the scene on the night of the attack. Turtak had been living in Leeds, on-and-off, for about four years - travelling from his home in Slovakia on the regular Bratislava to Bradford direct bus service.

A quality that I truly admire in Czechs both men and women is their startling bluntness. Not only did we have a rapist.

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Detective Superintendant Nick Wallen, who led the investigation, said his team did not have any idea who they were searching for when the inquiry began. It later emerged that he left the UK on March 27 - three weeks after the attack.

Naturally smart and polite, Slovak girls are very diplomatic when it comes to waiting for something they really believe in.

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Turtak, who has now been handed a year extended prison sentence for rape and GBH, is pictured on CCTV footage stalking a women in Wellington Road, Leeds, on the night of the horrific attack on his year-old victim West Yorkshire Police detectives used an image of the shoe print left by Turtak at the scene of the crime to help arrest him.

Continuing your attack you pushed her face down to the ground and held her down. What do Slovak women look like? As a blushing Midwesterner first come to this land, I immediately took note of the extended Metro make-out as a marquee cultural difference.

Take care if you discuss nationalistic issues.

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Mr Wallen said Turtak's almost complete invisibility meant the search for him was one of West Yorkshire Police's most challenging investigations. She believes it will affect her whole life.

What do Slovak women look like?

When she stopped moving and fell semi-conscious, Turtak pulled down her clothing and raped her, Mr Waley said. They said the hunt for Turtak highlighted some of the problems the free movement of people across Europe presents to law enforcement agencies.

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That the victim could identify this smell provided us with another piece in the puzzle. Yahoo is now part of the Oath family. How long you had it with you I don't know, but I am satisfied you had it with you for use as a weapon. The victim described her attacker as being aged in his early twenties and Asian, Pakistani or Middle Eastern.

Learn more about how our partners use this data, and select 'Manage options' to set your data sharing choices with our partners. Turtak has now been jailed for 20 years for the horrific attack Police previously released this image of the bloodstained rock Turtak used to batter his victim around the head Following the attack, the woman told officers of a distinctive smell that she had been unable to get out of her nose and mouth after the ordeal.

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These girls are usually very friendly, warm and caring towards families and children. Users often carry a rag soaked in the substance or apply it to their sleeve to sniff. I hope that knowing that the man who did has now been brought to justice will provide some degree of comfort and reassurance to her and her family.

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Sign In to your account to avoid repeating this across your devices. Czech men will always tell you how you look. The detective said the police were under huge public pressure for three months as they knew they were looking for someone capable of extreme violence.

The rock The large stone that Turtak brought with him to attack the victim was recovered from the scene.

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Media appeals As a result of the continued publicity, two woman came forward separately to report being followed by a suspicious man around the Kirkstall Road, Wellington Street and Burley Road area of the city earlier on the night of the attack.

Of note, the van was driven by the first officer on the scene on the night of the attack. She asked for help and told them she had been raped, Mr Waley said. He attacked the year-old after spotting her at a bus stop on his way to his brother's flat in Beeston Zdenko Turtak, 22, pictured right has been jailed for 20 years today for brutally raping an year-old Muslim woman after dragging her from a bus stop in Leeds in March and beating her 18 times with a large rock.

He said that when massive UK-wide media appeals failed to yield any breakthroughs the team concluded their suspect may well be from outside the country. He clearly reeked of it.