Never date a rich man they're tight, bossy and love only one thing | Daily Mail Online Never date a rich man they're tight, bossy and love only one thing | Daily Mail Online

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I hadn't realised I was just another of his toys, and that I took second place to his hotels.

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You will never be the 1 in their life. They never get time off. What was the bus again?

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I cannot get over this. At least to the shallow douche-bags who sleep with younger women.

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Why would a man display their romantic side when they Addicted online dating just buy their way your heart? His house had one of those home cinema screens and a wall of DVDs.

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My Mr Rich lived in a two-up, two-down in Lancashire with an outside loo throughout his childhood. Being party to an extramarital affair just shows you how easy it is for anyone to do it.

For a start, they are not only greedy - what else could motivate them to make more money than they could spend in a lifetime - they are also mean.

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I wanted to fling a Gina mule in his face - the guy was working, for God's sake. There is very little to fear from the unexpected when dating someone twice your age. He was always so generous in bed.

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Marriage is boring and gets old for most people. Otherwise, to a rich man, you may just be seen as an option, not a life-long companion. If you can correlate with the reality then marry a poor or middle class man who has a vision and a dream, partnered with skill and technique to becomes rich.

Work will always come above you.

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They are just so, so, damn appreciative. One of my Failure If this post makes any sense and get you the way to consider anyone for a serious relationship then take a moment to share on TwitterFacebook and Google plus.

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How would you like to be married to your nanny? But this time, I snapped.

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By the time I hobbled into the faux Art Deco foyer, there he was - Mr Tycoon, his face red with anger, spluttering at the poor doorman for being slow It got worse.

What does being hungry even mean? I want to feel like if I never responded to them again it would bother them.

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