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Radcliffe has somehow managed, amid the maelstrom of Potter, to live a relatively normal life. And here, in one of their rare sightings together, it was the turn of this floral print maxi dress. He admitted he was not very Netflix documentary internet dating at school, considering it useless and finding the work "really difficult.

And then I saw him a few months back on the train, having a cup of tea.

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I think 10 years is a long time to spend with one character. He went to Reading music festival three times with his mates as a teenager and still eats in burger chains because, he says: Scottwho wrote that Watson had to carry him with her performance.

There was no point in this film where I had to get covered in blood, or cry over the body of someone, or pull someone out of a muddy bog.

Although he acknowledges that winning the role of the boy wizard was the movie equivalent of winning a Willy Wonka golden ticket to fame and fortune, there were many times Radcliffe could barely watch himself on screen. Which makes him all the more endearing. So, who are some of the former boy wizard's other past loves?

And before that, he was linked to Irish actress Laura O'Toole fromwhom he met while starring in the West End production of the play "Equus.

It was his first post-Potter — and his debut theatre — role after making five of the eight Potter movies.

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It is wonderful to see a young hero who is so scholarly looking and filled with curiosity and who connects with very real emotions, from solemn intelligence and the delight of discovery to deep family longing," wrote Bob Graham of the San Francisco Chronicle. I think of myself as being Jewish and Irish, despite the fact that I'm English.

He told The Big Issue: Radcliffe stated that director David Yates and actress Imelda Staunton made Order of the Phoenix the "most fun" film in the series to work on.

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It was pretty amazing. There were two ways he could go. The pap caught her attending his birthday trip to Russia and London, and spotted the couple watching cricket together at the Oval. After a fan called into the show to ask Daniel if he was single or taken and what his type was, the actor replied, "Yes, I am dating someone.

After Rowling hinted about writing an eighth book, Radcliffe was asked if he would do another film to which he replied: He is wearing black jeans and a T-shirt — there is no sign of an expensive watch or even a single piece of jewellery.

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To be fair, between the ages of 18 and 20 Radcliffe did almost go off the rails, drinking himself into blackouts, having casual sex and — on occasions — turning up for work on the set of his latest Potter movie while still under the influence.

However, she's reportedly only about 5 years older than the actor … not exactly Daniel radcliffe dating drastic age difference Times journalist Susan Dominus writes, "He had already asked the young woman in wardrobe to take a photograph of him in the costume, so he could send it to his girlfriend, Erin Darke, an actress he met on the set of 'Kill Your Darlings.

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And my type is … the type I keep private. In the same interview, he spoke of the importance of public figures advocating for equal rights.

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Radcliffe, along with the film, [34] was critically acclaimed: But then the moments I'm not as proud of Radcliffe received a seven figure salary for the lead role, but asserted that the fee was "not that important" to him; [33] his parents chose to invest the money for him.

After dating for about two years, the love birds split inright around the time when D-Rad started get close with another girl, this time from the states. The then year-old Daniel and year-old Laura dated for the next six moths before calling it quits.

Their very first flirtations were captured on camera. But Daniel claims to have a tough time with the ladies. And the reason I spoke out about it was because I felt someone else would and I should take control